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Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer introduces bill to decriminalize marijuana



Chuck Schumer, who is the Senate Majority, has rolled out a bill aimed at decriminalizing marijuana.

The bill, which has been called The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, would legalize marijuana at federal level and would allow each state to set their own policy. As per The Hill, the act would also eliminate any minor charges relating to drugs and provide government grants to small business from neighborhoods who have been hit hard by prior drug laws.

“It will establish a robust regulatory system to protect public health and ensure that cannabis is as safe as possible. It includes rules to prevent impaired driving, prevent youth access, and prevent illegal diversion. We also robustly fund a variety of research programs to make up for lost time when it comes to cannabis research,” Schumer said.

Schumer went onto speak about the removal of certain criminal charges of those citizens “with convictions for non-violent cannabis offenses,” allows “those in federal prison for nonviolent cannabis offenses to appeal their sentences” and sets up a fund “to reinvest in communities that have been devastated by the war on drugs.”

“It is a tragedy that far too many Americans — particularly Black and Hispanic Americans — have permanent blots on their records making it nearly impossible to move forward with their lives, just because they were arrested with a little marijuana in their pocket. How unfair and what a waste of human resources,” Schumer concluded.

Schumer attended a pro-cannabis rally in May and told attendees that he had discussed the bill with 6 Republican senators. 10 Republicans would have to vote for the bill to avoid a filibuster, according to the Independent.

He said at the May rally: “This is mainstream. A majority of America believes we should legalize once and for all. And we are working to do that in the United States Senate. We are working hard to get that done. I’ve already met with six Republicans, so we can get 10 [and] we can get the 60 votes we need on the floor of the Senate to pass legislation that is so important.”

President Joe Biden re-iterated that no-one should be doing time for offenses related to cannabis: “I don’t think anyone should be in prison for the use of marijuana. We’re working on the crime bill now.”

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