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Climate activists once again protest in art gallery, this time gluing themselves to Boticelli’s Primavera



A group of climate change activists struck again this week, launching a demonstration in yet another European art gallery, the Galleria Degli Uffizi in Italy, gluing themselves to the protective glass encasing Boticelli’s famous Primavera painting.

The stunt was the first in an allegedly “new” string of protests that will be taking place in art galleries by a group of climate activists called Ultima Generazione (Last Generation). The group says it will be using such non-violent forms of protest in order to urge the Italian government to take action on several climate agenda items aimed at decreasing reliance on coal and fossil fuels and increasing wind and solar energy.

The protest in an art gallery appears to be inspired by a British climate group known as Just Stop Oil, which carried out similar protests in the UK. Earlier this month members of the group glued themselves to the glass encasing DaVinci’s Last Supper painting at London’s Royal Academy. 

The Italian protesters say they consulted with art experts before their demonstrations to ensure they could make their points without damaging the valuable and historic artwork.

“In the same way that we defend our artistic heritage, we should be dedicated to the care and protection of the planet that we share with the rest of the world,” Ultima Generazione’s website reads. “We are simple citizens and citizens, just like you, worried about their future and that of those who will come after us. Yes, because the choices that humanity (not) is making now will shape a future from which it will not be possible to go back. We are the Last Generation capable of doing something.”

The protests come a few weeks after another climate protester smeared cake on the glass covering the Mona Lisa at The Louvre in France.

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