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Uvalde City Council says every officer on scene at Robb Elementary shooting will be investigated



The Uvalde City Council announced this week that every law enforcement officer who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting in May will be investigated and “held accountable” for their actions that day.

Ernest “Chip” King III, a council member, pledged to look into every person who was present on the day of the shooting. “This investigation is looking at every single officer and what his actions — what he did, what our policy says — and basically, we’re gonna get a report on everybody,” he said. “We will act on it, and we promise that to you.”

Former Austin police detective Jesse Prado has been appointed by the council to carry out interrogations of all police officers who were on scene at Robb Elementary on May 24. “He’s gonna be conducting the investigation and we’re gonna let the investigation go, see what he determines, but everybody that’s Uvalde PD that was there will be held accountable for their actions,” said King.

The Uvalde Police Department has 39 sworn officers, and the day of the shooting, 25 of them responded to the elementary school. They were joined by officials from almost a dozen other agencies, with over 400 officials in total responding to the shooting.

Former Chief of the Uvalde School District Police, Pete Arrendondo, resigned from his position on the Uvalde City Council earlier this month, after being sworn in the same week as the shooting.

The principal of Robb Elementary School, Mandy Gutierrez, was placed on administrative leave, but officials did not reveal the reasons for the decision.

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