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Man who threatened McDonald’s customers with axe has been released without bail



Authorities in New York have confirmed that the man who terrified customers in a New York by swinging an axe has been released without any bail conditions.

Onlookers filmed Michael Palacios, 31, going into a rage after reportedly being rejected by a female customer.

An Uber Eats driver who gave his name as Ruben G. explained how things escalated.

“So, basically, he got into an argument with a girl, and then the girl rejected him. She didn’t want to talk to him. He kept going at her.” Ruben added that Palacios was visibly “drunk” in the buildup to the alteration, saying “I [could] smell the liquor off him.’

Whilst no injuries have been reported, the criminal complaint alleged that Palacios shattered two tables with his axe. A video of the incident has been viewed over 24 million times on Twitter. The video also shows Palacios being punched several times.

Someone can be heard saying “Bro, please, back up,” when Palacios brandishes the axe.

The complaint also says that Palacios told police “I have a pocket knife in my bike.” Palacios took off on his bike after the incident but was later arrested and charged by police.

Palacios was arraigned on fourth-degree criminal-mischief, possession-of-weapons charges, and an additional charge of resisting arrest.

Palacios said on Instagram after his release: “After the 5-minute police chase through the lower East side the NYPD told me ‘that was fun chase.’”

“Traffic was weak and I couldn’t get out of the neighborhood I fell of my bike making a hair pin turn from the street to the sidewalk, landing on my shoulder and dislocating it,” he added. “They took me to the hospital and then jail. And now I’m out. Some of you want me to go to jail? Already did! Haha. So have a great day.”

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