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More babies are dying. When will this stop?

Pfizer’s own data shows the vaccines are harmful to pregnant women and their babies. And what’s more, the FDA knew about it and said nothing.

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Pregnant women should not take a coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer’s Feb 28, 2021 Post Vaccination Report revealed there was no detailed study of the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women.

Pregnant women suffering from vaccines

No pregnant women were initially part of the study of some 40,000 participants.

But 270 participants became pregnant during the trial. Pfizer failed to follow through on 238 of the cases. (Pfizer dropped them with no explanation.)

Of the 34 pregnancies ( one a set of twins) among vaccinated women that were followed, just one child survived and 5 were listed as ‘pending outcome’.

Pfizer’s report shows:

  • 23 Died from spontaneous abortions
  • 2 Died from premature birth with neonatal death
  • 2 Died from spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death
  • 1 Died from spontaneous abortion with neonatal death
  • 1 Normal outcome
  • 5 Pending outcome

This is incredulous! The infants in 28 out of 34 followed pregnancies died and we have no idea what happened to the remaining 5.

You can see Pfizer’s report here.

Pfizer post vaccine report page 12 concerning pregnant women

The above image is from page 12 of Pfizer’s report.

Here is Igor Chudov’s post. It implies…

These deaths are continuing.

Igor Chudov posted this Twitter account of newborn infants dying who are healthy except for high levels of “anti-spike” antibodies and no sign of COVID. Those antibodies either come from COVID virus, or from vaccines. All of the moms were vaccinated.

There is every reason to believe the vaccines caused or contributed to these deaths, but officials do not want to investigate. They claim the deaths are due to “asymptomatic COVID, but never checked to see if the babies had COVID!

Vaccinated Mother’s Dying Newborn with “White Lungs”

Baffled Doctor blames “Asymptomatic Covid” – which was never diagnosed!

Igor Chudov

A tragic Twitter thread (archive link, ThreadReader) by an Indian obstetrician Dr. Rajesh Parikh.

Dr. Parikh highlights the dangers of Covid by showing us a newborn infant, suffering from respiratory distress and “White Lungs”, unable to breathe, urgently transferred to NICU due to MIS-N, “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome-neonates”.

Just like myself, Dr. Parikh is not a native English speaker, and his tweets have plenty of misspellings. Nevertheless, I checked him out, and he is real. Dr. Parikh opened his Twitter account prior to the pandemic. Before 2020, he posted various very personal musings for his then-small following, however, his past posts clearly show him to be a medical person.

Going back to the story of the suffering newborn, Rajesh shows us the X-ray of the infant, clearly showing good reasons to be in NICU!

Note a mention in passing that the mother was fully vaccinated.

The treating pediatrician (who is treating this specific infant) Dr. Jainish Bhandari also has a Twitter account and explains to us in his reply:

Pregnant mother had uneventful course, and then BOOM!

Dr. Bhandari explains to us, using this example as a pattern that he is seeing in his practice, and also citing his past experiences, that these MIS-N cases are following the same pattern:

  • No signs of Covid infection in vaccinated mothers
  • High “anti-Spike” (S1) antibody counts in babies
  • Uneventful pregnancy, up to the point when the baby is born, revealing dysfunctional lungs, infant unable to breathe on their own, and the newborn ends up being hooked up to the highest throughput ventilator.

Mind you, the anti-spike antibodies are produced not only by a Covid infection but also by the Covid vaccine! And the specific mother was vaccinated! The doctor, helpfully, shows the infant’s test result for spike antibodies:

A positive test for “S1 spike antibody” can be caused by a Covid infection, as well as by vaccination. Vaccinated people only develop a reaction to “spike protein”, as that is the only part of the virus that is presented to the immune system (and also happens to be toxic in many ways).

Dr Parikh says that he already lost 4 out of 5 infants to this baffling condition:

Dr. Bhandari was asked the obvious question:

Stop for a second and appreciate the ridiculousness of this. We have a dying infant with MIS-N, born to a vaccinated mother who never had any symptoms of Covid, and no positive test, and yet the doctors are blaming Covid!

From TruthMonster; appears by permission.

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