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Hunter Biden could face charges

Suddenly the media are buzzing about how Hunter Biden could face gun and tax charges. But all this is a distraction from real issues.

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Have the higher-ups decided to throw Hunter Biden under the bus? Overnight, the Internet exploded with reports that Hunter Biden could face some serious federal charges. But why now, in the middle of the Trump Raid controversy – and FBI raids on pro-life activists? Throwing Hunter Biden under the bus could be a desperate FBI gambit to regain its credibility with the public. It could also be a distraction from their continuing effort to destroy Donald Trump and the pro-life movement.

How much trouble is Hunter Biden in?

Normally reports of a major favorite of the political left being in trouble with the law, limit themselves to the alternative conservative media. But this time the first report came from The Washington Post.

Federal agents investigating President Biden’s son Hunter have gathered what they believe is sufficient evidence to charge him with tax crimes and a false statement related to a gun purchase, according to people familiar with the case. The next step is for the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, a Trump administration holdover, to decide on whether to file such charges, these people said.

The investigation into Hunter Biden began in 2018, and became a central focus for then-president Donald Trump during his unsuccessful 2020 reelection effort. Initially, the investigation centered around Hunter Biden’s finances related to overseas business ties and consulting work. Over time, investigators with multiple agencies focused closely on whether he did not report all of his income, and whether he lied on gun purchase paperwork in 2018, according to the people familiar with the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing case.

Agents determined months ago they had assembled a viable criminal case against the younger Biden. But it is ultimately up to prosecutors at the Justice Department, not agents, to decide whether to file charges in cases where prosecutors believe the evidence is strong enough to lead to a likely conviction at trial.

What happens next?

Incredibly, David Weiss, who got his appointment from President Trump, is still hanging on. How could Merrick Garland have forgotten to remove him when he had the chance? (RealClearPolitics reported in December 2020 on Joe Biden’s dilemma regarding Weiss.)

After the Post broke the story, many other legacy media organs and newsletters picked it up. They included The Guardian, the Beeb, CNN, CNBC, Forbes,The New York Post, and The Hill.The We Love Trump newsletter featured tweets from Newsmax and MSNBC.

The Conservatives Post points out the obvious: the FBI has had this evidence for months. So they held it up this long to save the Democrats’ House majority and Senate tie-breaker control. (In fact, The New York Post quotes Bill Maher as charging that the FBI suppressed the Hunter Biden story in 2020 so that people wouldn’t hold that against Joe Biden in the election.) So why did it suddenly break?


Could this be why?

Brian Cates, on Telegram, calls this a “defensive leak.” Apparently Hunter Biden has been under a sealed indictment – and a judge is about to unseal it. Then Cates offers this analysis:

here’s the play in case you can’t see it coming:

1. Gun charge points out Hunter’s already a felon and couldn’t have the gun

but the real play is the 2nd charge. It sounds like a minor charge but it’s not. Gonna force the media to talk about why Hunter was a felon.

2. Tax evasion.

They have to enter into evidence the source of the money that Hunter was hiding from the IRS.

When that gets revealed in court, all Hell is going to break loose.

We all know where some of the money he didn’t pay taxes on came from.


Why was Hunter Biden a felon? Because he had drug convictions. Under federal law, no one may buy a gun with that on his record. But again, says Cates, the tax charges will embarrass the pResident, and indeed the entire administration, even more. Hunter Biden taking money from Russian citizens? When the United States is at war with Russia in all but name? Tsk, tsk.

Is Hunter Biden a distraction?

But all of this is a distraction. First and foremost, Hunter Biden distracts us from looking at how the pResident has wrecked American society. Whatever crimes Hunter Biden has committed, pale next to the rampant crime in America’s largest cities. They also pale next to the hidden tax that is inflation, and the toll that inflation is taking today. All this is due entirely to Administration policies and to certain bad laws that this Congress has passed.

In the Broadway musical (later movie) 1776, John Adams speaks this line:

I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a Congress!

He likely never spoke it in real life, but perhaps he should have – and he would definitely speak it today.


FBI misconduct and zealotry

But the FBI has more to distract you from. They raided Donald Trump’s house with a writ of assistance masquerading as a search warrant. They burst into the home of pro-life author Mark Houck, frightening his wife and children out of their wits, over an altercation with an abortion activist that they are twisting into a tale of obstruction of a clinic entrance! (According to Fox News, Houck has pleaded Not Guilty. And The Christian Post features a couple who credit him with saving their baby’s life.)

Never mind that Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s makes the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act obsolete. The next person convicted under that Act will likely be the Supreme Court petitioner who gives Justices Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Thomas the chance to strike it down. (And it could very well be Mark Houck himself!) But that doesn’t matter to an overzealous FBI now all in on the agenda to wreck and depopulate America.

Under the circumstances, the FBI needs all the distraction they can raise. Leaking the Hunter Biden story, and throwing him under the bus, is their way of saying, “Look, we’re still impartial enforcers of the law.” Don’t believe it. Forget Hunter Biden; he’s small potatoes. The FBI is still persecuting his father’s enemies. The only reason they’re not throwing us to the lions, is that the Woke Crowd would say they’re abusing the lions. And the only way to stop the abuses of power, is with your vote.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

And Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris need to be arrested as well for impersonating Federal Officials. Kamala Harris fails both citizenship requirements to be President and Vice-President and invalidated their selection by the Electoral College. There appears to be a lot of sedition, treason, and other High crimes involved.


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