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Elon Musk denies involvement in Twitter lifting restriction on Ye’s account



Tesla’s new owner Elon Musk said he had no involvement in removing the restriction on Ye’s (formerly known as Kanye West) account after it had been banned for breaching Twitter’s hate speech policies.

Ye’s Twitter account was placed in a “read-only mode,” which limits the user’s ability to post tweets, re-tweets or like content. They can still read posts on their timelines and can send direct messages to their followers, Twitter’s policy states.

One user, raised the question of why Ye’s account, which was temporarily restricted over an “anti-Jewish” remark was “already restored.”

“Twitter should not be a platform to spew racism and antisemitism,” the user said.

Musk responded by saying “Ye’s account was restored by Twitter before the acquisition” and he had no involvement in it, nor was he consulted about it.

Musk wrote on Friday that Twitter is “forming a content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints” and will make “no major content decisions or account reinstatements” before the council convenes.

Ye’s controversial post read that Ye would soon go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The Daily Beast reported that the restrictions on Ye’s account were relaxed after his tweet was deleted.

Axios reported that “The Twitter account of Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was publicly visible Friday morning—less than a day after Elon Musk completed his takeover of the company.”

“Axios could not independently verify that Twitter granted Ye access to his account, and it’s not clear if he has posting privileges,” the outlet wrote.

Axios did go on to change their headline on Friday to read “Ye’s Twitter account closely watched after Elon Musk takeover.”

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