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Police warn public of increasing number of ‘Jugging’ robberies



Law enforcement in the United States have cautioned the public about the rapid rise of “jugging.”

“Jugging” is where a suspect will stake out a customer at either a bank, an ATM or a high-end store and then follow them home or to a more secluded location before robbing them.

Police said that women, elderly people and those of smaller stature have been most prone to “jugging” attacks.

According to a post on and their National News Desk, the rapid increase of “jugging” has presented a serious issue for police in Austin, Texas. Police have estimated that close to $600,000 has been stolen from victims in such incidents.

News3LV offered tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of the crime.

Law enforcement have advised the public to be aware of anyone hanging around an ATM or in a lobby who does not appear to be occupied. They have also advised people to avoid getting distracted by wearing earbuds or engaging in activities on their cell phones.

When removing a significant amount of money from the bank or buying a high-end product, people should make sure they are not being followed, lock their car doors and if possible, request assistance from the bank or store.

If anyone is in doubt that they are being followed or they feel in danger, law enforcement has advised them to either phone 911, or proceed to the nearest police station.

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