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NJ State Senate President’s chief of staff resigns over federal tax violations



Tony Teixeira, who has served as chief of staff to New Jersey State Senate President Nicholas Scutari since 2018, resigned this week, admitting his guilt in federal tax charges.

Teixeira, a long-time political figure in Union County, was investigated earlier this year for payments he received from a Democratic political operative, Sean Caddle, who previously pleaded guilty to hiring hitmen to kill an unnamed associate of Caddle’s by stabbing him to death in 2014. 

The murder was carried out, and one man so far has pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire, while another maintains his innocence.

The new tax charges are not related to the murder-for-hire case, but the violations were revealed in that investigation.

Scutari, who is not implicated in any crimes related to the investigation, released a statement this week saying he had received Teixeira’s resignation and intent to plead guilty to federal tax charges.

“Tony Teixeira will be admitting to federal tax violations,” Scutari said. “I have received his resignation.”

He added that Teixeira “unquestionably endured his share of hardships, and while he has served the public in many admirable capacities and is a friend, nonetheless he erred and I acknowledge that.”

Investigators found that Teixeira had used several nonprofit organizations to funnel a total of $46,000 into his own super PAC organizations without disclosing the sources of the donations.

Teixeira’s position will be taken over for the immediate future by Tim Lydon, executive director of the Senate Democratic office, who will spend the next several months performing both jobs simultaneously.

“We constantly strive to earn the trust and confidence of the people of New Jersey, and I look forward to continuing our hard work on behalf of our great State,” Scutari said.

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