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New poll shows voters in four key states prefer GOP to control Senate but favor Democrat candidates



A new poll published this week by The New York Times and Siena College showed that in four key states – Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania – voters prefer Republicans to control the US Senate, but tend to support Democratic Senate candidates on the ground.

The poll, released on Monday, just one week before the midterm elections, showed that voters in all four states said they wanted the GOP to take control of the Senate, but in individual races, Democratic candidates are ahead in almost every key face-off.

Three of the four states – Arizona, Georgia and Nevada – showed a majority of poll respondents would prefer Republicans lead the Senate in the new Congress, while in Pennsylvania, voters are evenly split on whether the GOP or Dems should take control.

In all four states, however, Democrats are ahead in the polls, or are neck-and-neck with their Republican opponents.

The only Senate race involved in the poll – between Arizona incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican challenger Blake Masters – in which a Democrat held a significant lead has Kelly ahead of Masters 51 percent to 45 percent.

In Georgia, incumbent Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock holds a tight lead over controversial Republican candidate Herschel Walker in a close 49 to 46 percent advantage.

As of Monday, polling at FiveThirtyEight had the race for control of the United States Senate in a dead heat, indicating a tough midterm election for both parties.

If each party holds an equal number of Senate seats, Democrats will maintain control due to Vice President Kamala Harris’ party affiliation. 

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