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Video of high school fight shows student repeatedly stabbing classmate in his hands and back



A fight which broke out between two students from upstate New York has been caught on camera. The footage shows a student stabbing his classmate in the hand and back before teachers were able to disarm him.

The fight happened at Proctor High School Utica on Monday and was filmed by onlookers and then uploaded to social media.

The footage shows a student running toward his classmate in the hallway of their high school before lunging at him. The other student reacts in turn and throws his opponent against a wall.

The student is then able to take his attacker down and throw several punches at him. As the two students get up, the aggressor brandishes a knife. The other student can be heard shouting “He’s got a knife” and asking other students to call for security. “You, can see that right? He got a knife.”

Onlookers can be heard begging the younger student to drop the knife. A female enters the frame and attempts to help.

A male staffer then approaches the students and is able to retrieve the knife from the attacker. “Are you out of your mind,” the staffer said.

“He just stabbed the sh– out of my hands,” the older student can be heard saying.

The male staffer could then be heard asking for another member of staff to come and help.

Utica Police Department and Utica City School District said in a statement on social media: “The teachers took immediate action, without regard for their safety, and attempted to separate the two parties.”

The post continued, “The teachers grabbed the suspect and forcibly disarmed him and held him until security staff arrived.”

Authorities confirmed that the suspect was immediately removed from the scene and taken to a secure area.

The 18-year-old victim who suffered multiple stab wounds to his back and hands was taken to the school nurse before being taken to hospital. Police that the injuries he sustained were not life threatening.

The Daily Sentinel reported that the younger student has been charged with attempted first-degree assault, a class C felony, and fourth-degree possession of a weapon,

“For the remainder of the week, the Proctor High School campus will remain closed,” authorities confirmed. “Students will not be allowed to exit the building during free periods and for lunch. This process will be re-evaluated next week.”

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