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Uvalde mom says school called her over surviving daughter wearing ripped jeans



A grieving mother in Uvalde, Texas, has expressed outrage about a recent call she alleged came from Uvalde school district, expressing their concern about her daughter’s dress code at school.

The call came five months after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in which the girl’s sister 10-year-old Lexi Rubio was killed.

A transcript of the voicemail, shared by Kimberly Mata-Rubio on social media, shows that a member of the school’s faculty asked the 11-year-old’s parents “bring either another pair of pants or maybe some leggings” to put underneath the girl’s ripped jeans, as “it looks like the cuts are … a little too high up.”

“One thing we’re not going to do is dress code my 11-year-old for some ripped jeans,” Kimberly tweeted, adding a screenshot of the transcript.

“UCISD (Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District), focus on school security. Maybe, if you had, my daughter, her little sister would still be alive,” she added.

After the shooting, Kimberly said that she was extremely proud of their daughter Lexi, who loved sports.

“She was really smart, very driven,” Kimberly said. “She knew what she wanted, and when she wanted something, she went out and got it.”

The UCISD suspended their entire school police department in October over their inaction on the day of the Uvalde shooting.

Despite 376 total law enforcement being on the scene that day, not one officer confronted the shooter, who was left in a room with his victims for over an hour before being killed.

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