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Poll shows Black, Latino voters in FL differ on issues, disagree on which party cares for them



A new poll released by the African American Research Collaborative this week showed Black and Latino voters differ on some major policy issues, as well as which party cares more about them as a racial group.

The poll, published on Thursday, found that out of the 9,900 Black and Latino 2022 midterm voters surveyed, the two groups view abortion and economic issues differently, with Florida minority voters as a whole viewing many issues differently from voters in the same voting blocs in other states. 

According to the poll, Latino voters in Florida named inflation, gas prices, and crime as top election issues, while Black voters ranked their top issues as inflation, abortion rights, and gun safety policy.

The two groups also disagreed on which major party cares more about them as voting blocs. Black voters overwhelmingly (81 percent) agree that Democrats and President Biden care about them, while Latino voters do not view the Democrats as favorably.

Only 42 percent of Latino respondents said they believe Democrats and President Biden care “a great deal” about issues important to them, with 45 percent saying Republicans cared more.


Nationally, Black and Latino voters did not answer along the same veins as those in Florida. Only 73 percent of Black voters said Biden and Democrats care, and only 56 percent of Latinos believe the Democrats care about them a great deal.

While the pollsters believe the overall results show Black and Latino voters are overall still on board with the Democrats’ messaging on major issues, Florida’s minority communities may be shifting in their views.

“Florida was indeed different, but Florida is not representative of Latino voters nationwide,” the study said.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

Blacks should learn the history of the Democrat Party and what its agenda has done to them and others are the years.


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