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DeSantis office denies connection with ‘Ron to the Rescue,’ other PACs supporting him



This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office put out a statement clarifying that it does not have any official connection to a newly-formed political action group called “Ron to the Rescue,” and warns that other PACs may be forming to support DeSantis’ run for president, but are not official.

In a letter to DeSantis’ donors on Friday, DeSantis spokesperson Benjamin Gibson made clear that there are several political action committees forming to bolster the governor’s potential run in 2024, but that none have been officially sanctioned to utilize DeSantis’ name or likeness in order to raise funds.

“This is similar to other ‘pro-DeSantis’ PACs that have formed and continue to use Ron DeSantis’ name and likeness to raise funds without his permission or authorization,” Gibson wrote.

“Whether well intentioned or not, the organizers of these PACs have not been in contact with DeSantis leadership and such efforts may create confusion amongst supporters of the Governor and his policies,” he added. 

He went on to explain that funds gathered by Ron to the Rescue and other similar organizations would likely not end up funding a DeSantis official campaign. 

DeSantis has not made an official announcement about running for president in 2024, but has emerged as a Republican front runner to challenge former president Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy this week.

Trump has attacked DeSantis increasingly in recent weeks, calling him Ron DeSanctimonious at a rally and referring to him as an “average governor” who relied on Trump to win the gubernatorial seat.

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