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Herschel Walker says Trump has done more for black community than ‘last four presidents put together’



Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has expressed his belief that former President Donald Trump helped the African American community more “than the last four presidents put together.” 

Walker is currently running against his Democrat opponent Raphael Warnock. Neither candidate was able to obtain more than 50% of the vote so the election now goes to a runoff.

According to an AARP poll, Warnock is currently ahead of Walker by 4 percentage points.

Walker, who has been endorsed by Trump, told Real America’s Voice that he was “very honored” to have Trump’s backing. He praised the former president for his contribution to the African American community.

“It’s sad that our media have tried to say that this president didn’t do anything for the African-American community when yet he did more for the African American community than the last four presidents put together,” Walker said. “He gave a lot of opportunities to a lot of the African American community, not just to the African American community but to the whole of the United States.”

Georgia’s runoff election is scheduled for December 6.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

It is an accurate statement. Black individuals do not need special privileges or fake Affirmative Action. Those who have taken the time to learn a skill will get hired.


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