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Survey: One-third of Americans think Christians should compromise their beliefs to align with ‘liberal ideology’



Close to one-third of Americans think that Christian faiths should compromise their traditional beliefs in accordance with social norms and liberal ideology, a new survey shows.

While the majority of Americans do not believe that Christians should have to compromise, approximately 32 percent said they should, according to a recent survey from Summit Ministries/McLaughlin and Associates.

As reported by Breitbart News, 68 percent said traditional Christian faiths should not be forced to “compromise their traditions and beliefs to align with liberal ideology around topics like marriage, transgenderism, and critical race theory.”

The majority of Republicans (75%) and Independents (61%) agreed that Christians should not be forced to change their beliefs to align with leftist ideology. However, Democrats were divided on the issue, with 41 percent saying they should, and 41 percent said they should not.

Among those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020, 42 percent believe Christians should compromise their beliefs in accordance with liberal ideology. Meanwhile, a whopping 79 percent of Trump voters said Christians should not have to compromise their beliefs to adhere to leftist ideology. 

The survey was conducted between December 9-14, Breitbart reported.

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