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UK Celebrity Stephen Bear sentenced to 21 months in prison



Former UK celebrity Big Brother winner and Ex-On-The-Beach star has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for “revenge porn.”

Bear shared a video of himself having sex with his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison to his OnlyFans page.

The Judge said that Bear’s actions caused Harrison “extensive humiliation and embarrassment.”

Harrison said that when Bear showed her the footage, she insisted that he “never to send” it to anyone and “made it plain how upset she would be if he did”, prosecutor Jacqueline Carey KC said.

Harrison said she has been through “absolute hell” since the footage was uploaded.


“Today’s sentence is a vindication of what I’ve been put through and sends a clear message that the police and courts take this matter very seriously,” Harrison told the media outside of court.

Detective Constable Brian Sitch of Essex Police praised Ms Harrison for her “immense bravery and patience”.

“This young woman stood in a courtroom, in front of strangers and went over the most personal details of her private life,” he added.

“She had to sit her family down and explain to them that this video had been leaked.

“This was all because Stephen Bear thought he could secretly film his former partner and thought he could get away with appalling crimes.”


Hannah von Dadelszen, who is the deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, said: “I want to commend Georgia Harrison for the bravery and determination she has shown throughout this case.

“By contrast, Stephen Bear showed a complete lack of remorse by never accepting responsibility for his abusive behavior, even going so far as to place the blame on Ms Harrison.”

“Although she lives a public life, Georgia Harrison has the right to privacy.”

“But that was taken away by Bear to make money in the most egregious way.”

Bear was found guilty of voyeurism, and two counts of disclosing private, sexual photographs and films.


Bear denied all charges against him and said he deleted the footage on the same day that it was recorded.  He also said the only person he showed the footage to was Harrison.

Bear did not answer any questions directed to him from the media outside the courtroom and sang Chris DeBurgh’s “Lady in Red” to one reporter who was wearing a red coat.

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