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A Kennedy challenges Biden

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., head of Children’s Health Defense, will challenge President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

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Robert F. Kennedy,l Jr. by Gage Skidmore

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., head of Children’s Health Defense, filed papers to run for President as a Democrat. He becomes the second Democrat to challenge President Biden for the 2024 nomination.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and what he stands for

Kennedy filed his papers with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday, April 5. As usual, Kennedy has an exploratory committee, Team Kennedy, tasked with sounding out possible support. On March 10, that committee put out this tweet:

Citizen Free Press also carried an announcement:

For the most part Kennedy’s platform would duplicate that of any other leftist Democrat. But that has one major distinguishing exception:

is unalterably opposed to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Indeed he likely is against any application of artificial active acquired immunity. His campaign will focus on vaccine safety (or the lack of it) above all else.


Kennedy is the second challenger to Biden to date. Last month, Marianne Williamson, also a Democrat, filed to run against Biden.

Statement to supporters

He has turned over the presidency of Children’s Health Defense to Laura Bono, and sent an email to CHD subscribers. In it he said,

My top priority is to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedom. This is central to CHD’s mission. I launched this organization after parents concerned about the meteoric rise in childhood chronic diseases approached me time and time again, urging me to look beyond what mainstream media and government health agencies were telling the public about what was causing these increases.

After carefully reviewing the science, it was clear to me that vaccines and other toxic environmental exposures were inextricably linked to rising rates of autism, allergies, autoimmune disorders and a host of other conditions. I knew I could never turn my back on the children and families so profoundly affected by these exposures. My commitment to health freedom, preventing future injuries, unmasking those responsible and holding them accountable will never diminish. It will remain a driving force in all I do.

Mary Holland, CHD General Counsel, will take a leave and join Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign.

About the image

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 .

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