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Florida to give DeSantis an exception to its Resign to Run Law

The Florida legislature may soon amend Florida’s Resign to Run Law to make an exception for candidates for President and Vice-President.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) stands for parental rights

The Senate of Florida has taken up a proposed exception to the “Resign to Run Law” that requires Florida officeholders to resign before running for another office.

Florida Senator acts

Title 9, Florida Statues, Section 99.012, the Resign to Run Law, requires Floridian officeholders to resign any office they hold before seeking another. Now State Senator Danny Burgess has introduced an amendment to SB 7050, an election-related measure. This rider would specifically exempt candidates for President and Vice-President from the provisions of Section 99.012.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has not officially announced his intention to run for President. He has, however, been touring the country extensively at Florida taxpayer expense, and even taken a speaking trip to Israel.

Journalist Laura Loomer noted nearly a month ago that this was in the offing.

In fact, some unnamed Senator filed the placeholder for that at the time – and the number was SB 7050.


Today the Florida Senate passed SB 7050 and sent it to the House. They in turn have added it to the Special Order Calendar and will take it up this Friday (April 28).

Laura Loomer shared this early this morning as the Senate took up SB 7050:

She also trashed the notion that Donald Trump would select Ron DeSantis as his vice-presidential running mate.

Per Amendment XII, Presidential Electors may not vote for a President and Vice-President both from their own State. Trump would have to re-domicile himself to avoid the issue.

Likewise she took note of DeSantis’ travels:

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