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Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Tucker Carlson muzzling and the RFK deep freeze are related, because those two have teamed up against the Deep State.

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Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about the recent firing1 of Tucker Carlson from his program at Fox News. I also will talk about the announcement by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK) that he will be a candidate for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States in 2024. Is there a connection, and do they have anything in common?

Tucker Carlson and why Fox muzzled him

There is a common thread that runs between the two of them although they appear to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Tucker Carlson was fired because he had the audacity to present the big topics to the American people. The topics he presented will define the American future but they are simply not permitted to be discussed by the American media. There are other supposed reasons coming from Fox but I believe that is the real reason.

The two men seem to have developed an interest in some of the same topics such as war, civil liberties, artificial intelligence, and other emerging sciences, the COVID and especially the vaccine controversy, corporate power, and the merger of corporate and government power. Tucker’s firing was a shock because he was by far the Fox Network’s biggest star and biggest draw with an average viewership of 3.7 million per episode.

Tucker Carlson took on the CIA and so did RFK

He was also close to Donald Trump and was able to interview him on his show. Getting rid of him is sure to anger Trump supporters which presumably is the base of Fox viewership. Why then, would businesspeople do something that was antibusiness and sure to lose ratings and money for their company. Why then, was he fired? The answer is simple and obvious: he raised issues and gave voice to people you aren’t allowed to mention. For example, he interviewed RFK, and he said he had information from an inside source that told him the CIA was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

When you take on the CIA you are playing with fire and placing yourself literally and figuratively in the crosshairs. He has the CIA in common with RFK who is no friend of that organization. In his book RFK says that a CIA assassin fired a bullet into his father’s head. In his speech announcing his candidacy he told the story of how the CIA lied to his uncle about the Bay of Pigs and how the President said he was going to break that organization into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds.


RFK and his beef

The word is obviously out to the national media to give RFK what Deputy Barney Fife of the Andy Griffith Show used to call the big freeze. In other words, he is persona non grata and should never be mentioned in public. He is a non-entity, or one who does not exist. The trouble with that position is that he obviously does exist and Tucker had him on his show after his announcement. To this day Tucker Carlson is the only one to have interviewed him or acknowledged him in any way as far as I can tell.

That is even though RFK is a Kennedy which is about as close to Democrat Royalty as it gets. One might think that his announcement would at least be acknowledged but no the media and the Democrat Party serve a different master today than it did in 1963 and 1968. Soon after his announcement I heard one of the talking heads on MSNBC say that lunatic anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy, Jr. had announced that he was seeking the nomination. That is the tactic then, to just denigrate and malign him if he is mentioned at all. The idea is that if the defamation is mentioned often enough people will start to accept it internally as fact.

RFK anti-vax

RFK is probably best known for his attacks on the COVID vaccines and although his work and his book The Real Anthony Fauci have been proven correct he cannot be forgiven for trying to overturn the war against humanity currently being waged by the global ruling elite who hate him and all truth tellers. In fact, I don’t know who they do not hate and who they do not want to die. Perhaps their billionaire friends and their toadies. RFK attacks the world system under which humanity labors. He points out that the mega-corporations and the government have become basically one. I add to his words that this corporate and government merger was invented by Benito Mussolini, who called it fascism.

The central point of RFK’s campaign is that the corporate-government merger and the financial distress that has caused at home coupled with imperialism abroad has destroyed the Middle Class and driven that section into poverty. Imperialism abroad will not support a middle class at home and is, in effect, a war on the poor as well as on enemies abroad. He is going to be difficult for the Democrat Party to suppress and ignore because of his message. He will not appeal to the crazies who demand that we believe the impossible, but to all those poor people out there in this country, if they hear him, they will like his message.

Tucker Carlson puts RFK front and center

So, Tucker Carlson puts RFK’s message on the most widely viewed segment in television and that is just not acceptable. Tucker shared many of his views such as vaccine skepticism. That is also unacceptable because one either buys the lies hook line and sinker or he is a lunatic anti-vaxxer. Tucker often spoke about the interests of big Pharma and how it seems to have an interest in killing us. RFK litigated against big pharma for many years as a trial lawyer so they have that in common.


Tucker had to go and these new email allegations about what he said in private emails are not unexpected. If that doesn’t work to discredit him then some woman will probably come forward to say he raped her when he was a teenager. I am not trying to make the case that Tucker was fired because of his interview with RFK. But I am saying it was one of a long chain of events. Truth is what got him fired because truth is the enemy to corporate media and government alike and truth must be expelled from our minds.

Taking on Big Pharma

I suppose the most unforgiveable thing Tucker did was point out on the air that the various national news channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from big pharma companies and then shilled for their products on the air. While doing that they led a campaign to malign and defame anyone who was skeptical of those products. That happened across American media, but Tucker pointed it out. Who in public life is telling the truth in this country anymore. If virtually everything we see, read, and hear is lies at best and propaganda at worst who can be believed.

One man in public life has been proven to have been telling the truth about the COVID vaccines. Bobby Kennedy doesn’t seem to be a man who is easily intimidated and he knew early in the pandemic that the vaccines were not effective and not safe and he said so in a very public way. He doesn’t go the way that I have gone and that is that the vaccines are a war by the global ruling elite on humanity but he does very well at truth telling. Science has since proven RFK to be unequivocally right about the vaccines and the lockdowns.

Letting RFK speak

Tucker Carlson allowed RFK’s views to be heard by the largest audience in TV news. That was just too much for the corporate owners of Fox and the owners of the rest of the world. Kennedy was therefore not rewarded for telling the truth and warning people of the danger. He was maligned, he was vilified, he was called a Nazi and a lunatic. He was attacked and his family was attacked and as he said in his speech, he lost his close friends and his political party saw him as an outcast. But he was not intimidated. And he kept on and I am very happy to have this man out there telling the truth no matter what it costs him.

Tucker allowed him to air his views to the public and that could not be tolerated. Even though Tucker was Fox’s biggest star and an obvious money maker he was fired. Fox apparently cares more about pleasing the regime and being a faithful servant of the global elite than about the money. Tucker would not stop crossing the establishments redlines and he had to be sacrificed and made an example of. I would have been more surprised if no scandal had followed him because these people are just that evil. They have to fire him and dirty him at the same time, but I think he can see their scandal mudslinging as a badge of honor.


Not the Dominion lawsuit

The Dominion lawsuit settlement that has been mentioned as partially Tucker’s fault will not hold water either. Blackrock Inc owns 15.1% of Fox. That is a significant amount of a publicly traded company and gives that stockholder significant clout. Tucker has been very critical of Blackrock for their involvement in the Ukraine war and for other reasons. Blackrock also has huge positions in big pharma. It is one of the three largest shareholders of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck.

In his interview with Tucker, RFK called these companies vaccines deadly and worthless. Blackrock is also a significant shareholder in Dominion so, in effect, Blackrock was suing Blackrock and also settling the lawsuit. What is all that incestual relationship about, corruption, or in that world just business as usual. Tucker will be alright in time since he is technically still under contract with Fox until after the 2024 election, but he has been offered more than $100 million by another network.

What about RFK himself?

What about Bobby Kennedy? Can he be heard anywhere else? If he is heard then the people will have to hear him despite the media rather than from it. The polls reflect that it might just be happening. The last poll I saw had him at 19% of the vote. That amount might be enough, especially if it continues growing, to get him in the primary debates. Support for him seems to be growing and I’ll wager that has the Democrat Party elite very nervous.

I’ll tell you why they are upset and why they will have to find something else if the big freeze doesn’t work. He is going to remove America from the $1.5 trillion per year empire business. A vote for Kennedy is a vote to end the empire. It is a vote to bring the troops home and close a lot of foreign bases. A vote for Kennedy is also a vote to repair and rebuild the infrastructure of America. And most importantly it is a vote to rebuild the Middle Class.

You can see why the elite are so afraid of him and so anxious to malign him at any opportunity. The empire is very expensive with a lot of corrupt graft which allows grifters in corporations and the military to profit from the blood of Americans and foreigners alike. He has turned away from the prevailing orthodox views of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. So he doesn’t carry the support of either.


You get what you pay for

The empire knows that you get what you pay for. The government must print money it has borrowed to pay for it all. And we get ships, planes, tanks, and the like instead of houses, cars, gas, and food. Why? Because all that federal money flowing through the system makes prices rise and the Middle-Class fall. RFK is the first candidate to propose putting a stop to it. He opposes the deep state empire and the corporate captured government that supports it.

Finally, folks, I am not saying that Bobby Kennedy or even Tucker Carlson have views totally in line with the Constitution Party Platform in every respect. But they are right about some of the most vital issues that confront this nation. For that I thank them and I am grateful.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.


Editor’s Notes:

From; appears by permission.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 .

1 Megyn Kelly tells us that Fox did not discharge Tucker Carlson. Had they done that, he would be a free agent. Instead they told him that for the rest of his contract he must do and say nothing. He has sought legal advice on how to break free of this contractual prison.

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