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Jeffrey Epstein blackmailing Bill Gates?

Did Jeffrey Epstein, in addition to his other power games, try to blackmail Bill Gates? If so, two years later he was dead.

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Jeffrey Epstein blackmailing Bill Gates?

A series of reports emerged over the weekend suggesting that Jeffrey Epstein, famous for pedophilic procurement for the elite, tried to blackmail a specific target: Bill Gates.

Did Jeffrey Epstein have something on Bill Gates?

The Wall Street Journal first reported this, according to American Liberty News, the New York Post,and The Daily Wire. Those reports say Bill Gates began an affair with Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player, in 2010. The two met while playing in a bridge tournament in the San Francisco Bay area. Anonymous sources say Gates and Antonova had a brief affair – while Gates was still married to his then-wife, Melinda.

Jeffrey Epstein met Antonova three years later, while she was looking to go to software coding school. He paid her tuition, then asked Gates, whom he was trying to recruit into a joint venture, to reimburse him. In 2017, Epstein sent an email to Gates threatening to expose the affair if Gates didn’t pay up. Gates didn’t, according to a spokesperson, who also denied that Gates ever had “financial dealings” with Epstein. But: Gates did admit to meeting with Jeffrey Epstein in the late 2010s, while trying to raise money for the Gates Foundation.

Jeffrey Epstein died in a Manhattan prison, under highly suspicious circumstances, in 2019. Given the size of his clientele for trips to Caribbean islands where clients could connect with underage girls (the “Lolita Express”), the list of suspects in a possible murder of Epstein is endless. One more name on it, more or less, is not likely to solve the mystery of his death.

But the timing – the threat in 2017 and the death in 2019 – does suggest, however remotely, a connection.


The Twitterverse explodes

Several tweets appeared over the weekend, carrying the report and earlier information that Melinda always warned Bill about Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Gates acknowledged his meetings on the PBS News Hour, as this tweet shows:

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