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Dominion Voting about to fail?

Is Dominion Voting Systems going out of business? The founder and CEO fears so. But they never addressed the allegations against them.

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Dominion Voting Systems going out of business?

Dominion Voting Services, one of the largest American providers of electronic voting machines, is slowly going out of business. Its Chief Executive Officer admitted as much last week to Time Magazine, in a story The Huffington Post picked up.

Dominion Voting Services has lost its reputation

John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Services, candidly said it suffered lasting damage to its reputation from 2020 onwards. This is more than merely their allegation in their complaint against Fox News Channel. They sued Fox for $1.6 billion, and settled for $787.5 million, or less than half that. It’s still the largest settlement any media company has ever had to make – but it won’t save the company.

“Eventually, I suspect all of our customers will go in a different direction,” he told Time. “It’s just a matter of time.” Dominion has six other defamation lawsuits pending, against Newsmax, One America News Network, Mike Lindell, and three others. But none of that will avail when customers don’t renew contracts. Shasta County, California ended its contract with Dominion last January, with no replacement electronic voting machine provider ready to go. The Board of Supervisors has a clear majority in favor of hand counting of paper ballots.

Allegations that Dominion technicians literally altered the vote count in real time have dogged the company since even before 2020 election returns were all in. Multiple witnesses recall watching posted totals for Donald Trump decline – and posted totals for Joe Biden increase by the same or nearly the same amount – simultaneously.

An allegation – which neither Time nor HuffPost addressed – remains that a key Dominion executive left his hatred of Trump as a matter of public record.


The Eric Coomer allegation

Eric Coomer was Vice-President in Charge of U.S. Engineering at Dominion Voting Services. Shortly before the Election of 2020, he became Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security. He served in that capacity when a Joe Oltmann, fouinder of Faith Education Commerce United, gave an interview to Michelle Malkin. In that interview, Oltmann asserted he had infiltrated Antifa and sat in on a conference call. Someone named “Eric” was on that call saying, “Keep up the pressure.”

“Who’s Eric?” another caller asked. In answer, someone said, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.” Later in the call, this dialogue took place:

Q. What are we gonna do if F*cking Trump wins?

A [from “Eric, the Dominion Guy”]. Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!

Two things remain unclear to this day:

  1. Whether or not Eric Coomer, Voting Systems Officer in Charge of Strategy and Security, and “Eric the Dominion Guy” on the Antifa conference call, were one and the same person, and:
  2. Exactly how could Eric, or anyone, “make sure” of an election result to anyone’s liking.

But the only one to investigate any of this, was Joe Oltmann. And according to Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, Oltmann found what he said was Eric Coomer’s Facebook page. And on that page was a copy of a vitriolic manifesto by Antifa to Trump. Essentially it was defending the “Summer of Love” 2020 riots. Oltmann tweeted it out, only to lose his account.

Conflict of interest

That manifesto alone reveals a conflict of interest. But worse than that, Coomer admitted to the Illinois State Board of Elections, as far back as September of 2016, that someone with access could bypass election systems software. (Sources: The Gateway Pundit and The Post and Email.) Even worse, Dominion does not ask for recertification of electronic voting machines following software updates and upgrades.

Even if one doesn’t believe that Eric Coomer “made sure” of anything, he admitted he could have done it. (If anyone had nationwide access, he had.) And if he did not, then he still admitted six and a half years ago to running a sloppy system. That system, furthermore, was about as secure as a sieve.


It may or may not be significant that Eric Coomer, who is not with Dominion anymore, was arrested for crashing his truck into a building in March of last year.

While Dominion obviously fired and disavowed Coomer, they have never once tried to explain his conduct. They preferred instead to denounce everything said against him as “election lies.” Still, they didn’t explain the strange TV vote total displays on Election Night, either.

Significantly, Eric Coomer sold Georgia on a Dominion contract immediately before the Election of 2020.

Dominion is not the only provider, and questions remain

As mentioned, the head of Dominion now expects business to “drop to zero.” He explained that as contracts come up for renewal, Unit Boards of Election decide not to renew. They can, and many do, go with providers of electronic voting equipment other than Dominion. (A unit in this context is an independent county – or parish in Louisiana – or independent city.)

But Shasta County’s decision to return to a hand count remains significant. France held an election recently – entirely with a hand count. They had results available within twenty-four hours. The French do not allow mail-in voting, and allow absentee voting only by proxy. Voter and proxy must pre-register with the local police station before an election in which the proxy proposes to vote.


In Virginia most counties have already switched away from Dominion. They also ask voters to mark paper ballots, scan those, and retain the ballots under lock and key. But rarely does anyone ask for a post-election audit to include a hand count. Activists, speaking to CNAV but not for attribution, are actively trying to force Attorney General Jason Miyares that electronic voting machines are never properly certified, in violation of Virginia Code. They wish to abolish the scanners and resign the paper ballots, if necessary, to allow quick and efficient hand counts. (One activist wants to abolish absentee voting completely. He denies that this would adversely affect more than a small proportion of voters – a price he would gladly pay.)

Other media

See also this video by Dr. Steve Turley, discussing Dominion CEO Poulos’ admission that Dominion might lose all its remaining customers.

CNAV’s video channel, Declarations of Truth, has treated the Election of 2020 and electronic voting machines before. See this review of Dinesh D’Souza’s Two Thousand Mules, and this discussion of popular reaction to that film. In addition, last year the Associated Press released a report showing that any vendor’s electronic voting machines are hackable. J. Alex Halderman, author of the report, singled out Dominion Voting Systems, if only by way of demonstration.

With one exception, every State has at least some units, perhaps a majority, using optical scans of paper ballots. Louisiana, unaccountably, uses Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) systems in all parishes. You touch a screen to “mark” your preferences, touch CAST VOTE or a similarly labeled “button,” and the machine stores your vote. No one has ever done a post-election audit in a unit that uses DRE. The National Council of State Legislatures indicates that might not be possible unless a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail system is in place. Which is not always the case.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

I have watched captured video of State Senate race in the upper midwest being broadcast by CNN where the votes of one candidate went up and other down by the same count. In a legitimate vote count a candidate vote count would not go down. The CNN host went crazy trying to get vote machine display removed.


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