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Sound of Freedom won’t stream on two big services

Sound of Freedom will not be streaming on Netflix or Amazon. Could it be because the subject matter embarrasses their executive echelon?

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Sound of Freedom won’t stream on two big services

The two arguably largest streaming services in the world, both turned down Sound of Freedom from streaming on their platforms.

Sound of Freedom not on Netflix?

According to free-lance journalist Matt Wallace, Netflix and Amazon Prime both declined to stream Sound of Freedom on their platforms.

The site says Sound of Freedom is now available on the popular digital video sale-and-rental outlet In fact it is available for preorder, at $19.99, and will be available in high definition. For now, the movie is still in theaters, showing on 1,602 screens in the United States. Contrary to earlier reported intentions, the movie did not premiere in South Africa on August 18 as planned. But it did premiere in Australia and New Zealand last weekend, on 352 and 101 screens, respectively. It grossed $1,159,796 and $259,358 respectively in those two countries. That, plus its domestic gross of $2,001,292 over the weekend, gives it a worldwide box-office total of $181,037,214. (These are estimates only at this time.)

Angel Studios, who agreed to distribute Sound of Freedom after Walt Disney Company shelved it, has its own streaming service. Rumors had Angel Studios looking for a streaming service to pay them handsomely for the first streaming rights. Netflix and Amazon obviously aren’t interested in the money to be made from such an arrangement. Speculation on the motive for the turn-down was rife.

If no major paying streaming service will carry the movie, perhaps Angel Studios will. But Chris Pavlovski, CEO of, publicly offered to host the movie on a pay-per-view basis.



CNAV reviewed this movie the day after its U.S. theatrical premiere. More recently, Director Alejandro Monteverde gave an interview to Variety in which he discussed production difficulties, distribution difficulties, and his shockingly tame expectations for the film. He expected the film to gross not more than $14 million for its entire run. It grossed more than that on opening day. And from word of mouth alone, it has grossed more than films costing twenty times as much to make.

Angel Studios is much better known for its streaming series The Chosen, that tells the life of Christ in one-hour installments. But it has a very rich library, including a drama (His Only Son) about Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah.

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