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Project Veritas bankrupt, defunct – reports

Project Veritas, eight months after firing James O’Keefe, its founder, is now reported bankrupt and defunct.

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Project Veritas bankrupt, defunct – reports

Project Veritas, the investigative journalism unit that James O’Keefe founded, is now bankrupt and defunct, according to reports. But the company’s leadership and staff are saying nothing at this time.

Project Veritas road to collapse

The reports of the final collapse and shutdown of PV came yesterday afternoon at 3:47 p.m. EDT. Former Project Veritas investigator, now independent journalist, Bobby Harr shared this post:

At 12:59 a.m. EDT today, Harr attempted another post. Unfortunately, the censors (automatic?) removed the post, alleging an unspecified rule violation. The removal came before the Wayback Machine had an opportunity to crawl it, so its content is not available.

But Laura Loomer, at 9:11 p.m. EDT yesterday, posted that the company deserved its fate.

James O’Keefe himself, now the head of the O’Keefe Media Group, shared a story on Mediaite suggesting a likely cause.


It appears that in the few months since Project Veritas ousted James, it continued to spend money at the same rate, blowing through the many millions of dollars James had previously raised for it – despite PV having no new sources of fundraising. This is highly suspect and we would welcome a full audit of PV’s finances to learn where the money was actually spent. Jeffrey Lichtman, attorney for James O’Keefe

Project Veritas did have an ongoing investigation, into HiTOPS, which since 1987 has promoted the Alphabet Soup grooming of children. After Project Veritas did an exposé of them, they released a statement calling the company “a right-wing hate group.” (If HiTOPS is an acronym, and not an initialism, CNAV cannot find the words for which the initials stand.)

While PV apparently has shut down all operations, and has been firing staff for months, the O’Keefe Media Group is hiring.


Project Veritas famously, and unceremoniously, fired founder James O’Keefe after he exposed Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for their own COVID gain-of-function research. Shortly thereafter they sent a beg-a-thon letter to their old donors, asking them to “give us a chance.” Apparently they found no takers, because last month they were on the verge of financial collapse. That collapse, according to many witnesses, has now come.

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