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Michelle Obama possible substitute for Biden?

Two prominent Republicans are speculating on Michelle Obama substituting for Joe Biden. But that speculation has been happening for months.

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At least two prominent Republicans are openly speculating that the Democrats will substitute Michelle Obama for Joe Biden next year. True enough, Dick Morris does not see that coming, though he does see an effort to replace Biden. But Morris was speculating on Michelle running a long primary campaign, as one of eleven possible candidates. That’s not what the current speculations are about. Instead, people are speculating about a last-minute substitution, either shortly before the Convention or even involving Presidential succession.

Biden does not stand very tall

None of this speculation would take place if Joe Biden at least appeared competent. Of course half the country vehemently disagrees with his policies, but that won’t sway the Democrats. (They have nothing but contempt for anyone who disagrees with them.)

But Democrats look at Biden and literally see a doddering old fool. Worse yet, that’s how the American people see him, and the Democrats know it. He falls nearly every time he uses the usual tall mobile boarding ramp to re-board his executive transport. (For that reason, the Secret Service is having him board on the lower deck, which has a shorter boarding ramp. Of course, National Public Radio, which covers that part of his story, makes excuses. Everyone remembers Barack Obama skip-to-m’lou-ing down those 18-foot stairs, but he never fell on them, going up or down. And of course, Donald Trump never fell on them, either.)

More to the point, Biden is 80 years old – and is showing his age as Trump didn’t, and Reagan didn’t. Democrats know that, too, and it scares them. Because they know the American people know, and can see. The infamous Van Jones said so on CNN on September 7. So did seventy-four percent of respondents on a CNN/SSRS survey. Add to it the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll showing Trump up by ten points, and the conclusion becomes inescapable. Biden is too old to serve a second term, and more and more people are saying it out loud.

Michelle Obama as convention substitute

One week ago today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), on his Verdict podcast program, openly said the Democrats would “parachute” Michelle Obama into the running shortly before the Democratic National Convention.


“Democrats and Big Media are bailing on Biden,” said the blurb. “Who could replace him?” On the program, he gave the details. In August 2024, Biden is out and Michelle Obama is in. Why Michelle? First, because any other choice would “offend African-American women.” Second, the Democrats have four alternatives, any one of whom would resent bitterly the picking of any of the other three. The four are Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.), Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Vice-President Kamala Harris.

And third, because Barack Obama has been the shadow President all along, through his surrogates close to Biden. A Michelle Presidency would be Barack Obama Terms Four and Five. (The Biden term has been Barack Obama Term Three.)

Sen. Cruz suggested Biden himself would take the consolation prize of being established as a hero. “They immediately start carving him on Rushmore, figuratively speaking, the Rushmore of socialists,” the senator said.

A substitution to avoid impeachment

But yesterday evening, Cassandra MacDonald at The Gateway Pundit shared another theory, that came from Sarah Palin on X. First, author Greg Rubini shared this thread, back in June:

Last Friday (September 22), Rubini returned to his subject, on Substack. He accuses the Democratic National Commitee and the Central Intelligence Agency of collusion in replacing Biden. The reason: Biden is likely to have Articles of Impeachment against him. Even if the tame Senate sticks with Biden, they’ll embarrass themselves and risk a Big Flip. So: Biden must go.


So this is what will happen:

1.- Kamala Harris will resign from Vice President, and replace Feinstein in the Senate.

2.- Gavin Newsom will be nominated and enthroned as Vice President.

3.- After Newsom is installed and sworn in, Joe Biden will be thrown under the bus: either he will suddenly “die of Covid”, or “he fell from his bicycle”, or “Joe Biden smashed into a wall in his Corvette and he died in the accident”, or whatever.

One way or another, Joe Biden will be forced to resign.

And then he will die.

The DNC needs to save face, in some way, and mitigate the Biden disaster.

“Replace Feinstein” – of course. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is showing her age even worse than Biden is showing his. And: “He will die of COVID” – maybe that’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) want to keep alive the notion of coronavirus as a seasonal – and still deadly – virus. (Seasonal it might be, but deadly? No.) In any event, if Biden gets the Mount Rushmore treatment, it would be posthumous. And, says Rubini, Biden knows it, and is “screaming and yelling.”

Next, James Bradley, running for the Senate in 2024, copied this out, and added his own perspective:

But Mr. Rubini suggested that the powers-that-be would install Gavin Newsom as President, in two steps. Both steps depend on the first two Sections of Amendment XXV, which have operated before.

Sarah Palin, quoting his post, offered a different name:

Michelle Obama playing hard to get

Ms. MacDonald reminds us that Michelle Obama has publicly disclaimed any desire to run for President. Michelle said so in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in April. “At no time have I ever said, ‘I think I want to run,’” she reportedly said.


But people can say anything they please; that doesn’t make it true. Or even if it’s true now, it might not be true forever. Michelle Obama is likely playing the time-honored woman’s game: “hard to get.” “I never said, ‘I want to run.’” That was April. August 2024 might be a different story.

Democratic-sympathetic opinion makers have in fact been talking up Michelle since before that Oprah interview. Merrill Matthews, writing in The Hill in March, said she’d be the Democrats’ best candidate. Even then she held Biden’s chances as “not great,” and described Barack Obama’s presidency as an “African Camelot.”

Another outlet that speculated on Michelle Obama for President in 2024 is The Daily Telegraph (London, England). Correspondent Tim Stanley speculated on the National Convention substitution scenario more than five and a half weeks before Cruz did. In fact he cited an unnamed government, other than the United States government or His Majesty’s Government, assuming Joe Biden will not have the nomination. Stanley predicted Biden would drop out before the first primaries.

So the speculation about substituting Michelle Obama for Joe Biden is scarcely idle. It is active and all too believable.

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