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The COVID scare and what it really cost

The COVID scare has almost run its course – and we’re finding out that much of the death toll was deliberate.

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The COVID scare seems to have run its course. Federal health authorities are rolling out yet more new vaccinations against the virus – and people are not taking them. They probably are remembering what they never saw, despite the scare talk: diener squads driving body buses, or some such thing – “meat wagons” – with bullhorns blaring out “Bring out your dead!” But besides that, many are hearing from those who learned – at their own expense – that the so-called preventative was worse than the disease ever was. And that’s even allowing for new allegations that someone is tailoring the virus to attack certain ethnic groups preferentially.

Latest on the COVID scare

Samantha Craig at The Western Journal has the news. People are not taking the new vaccines that the government approved last September for all patients six weeks or older. According to her, only 7.1 percent of adults and 2.1 percent of children in the United States have taken them. This comes from WebMD and also from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own numbers.

As a matter of fact, the CDC has discontinued the government mass-vaccination program. They encourage doctors and druggists to give the shots through their offices and drugstores. Insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid) continues to cover “the jab” at no cost to the patient. Nevertheless, 37.4 percent of adults essentially refuse the shot, and 40 percent of parents refuse the shot for their children. This could explain why Pfizer lost money in their third quarter – especially on their vaccine, and their drug Paxlovid™. ( Paxlovid™ is a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir).

Vaccine mandates appear to be out of style now. In fact, a New York State superior-court equivalent (mis-called “Supreme Court”) made a judicial finding that the vaccine does nothing to halt the spread of COVID 19. That court ordered New York City to reinstate, with back pay, any city employee who it fired for vaccine noncompliance.

People know what that jab really does

Recall that Dr. Michael Yeadon specifically charged that COVID vaccines were weapons of mass murder.


Dan Bongino, of, took the vaccine – and regrets it. The vaccine did not stop him from getting the disease. Megyn Kelly fared worse. Not only did she get the disease anyway, but now she suffers from an autoimmune disease.

The evidence against the vaccine is as much statistical as anecdotal. Vermont was the most-jabbed State in the union, and still had very high infection rates.

And as Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. should have known, the surges were seasonal. Respiratory viruses are always seasonal. When people are out in the sun, they make Vitamin D, and when they’re not, they don’t. Vitamin D is protective. It is one of the oldest protective vitamins available. Liberty One News lists eight more protective vitamins and minerals: A, B, C, E, K, calcium, iron, and zinc. (Zinc gluconate and zinc acetate are famous for shortening the course and severity of cold and allergy symptoms, respectively.)

Furthermore, almost a third of those taking the COVID vaccines now suffer neurological effects, according to a study from the journal Vaccines, quoted at Epoch Health. This applies to the preparations by AstraZeneca, as well as the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots. (An AstraZeneca shot infamously killed BBC Presenter Lisa Shaw.) It also applies more to women than to men.

Epoch Health reports other risks, too – increased stroke risk in those taking a COVID and a ‘flu shot, both at once.


Deliberate harms

But the latest news should infuriate the public more. Jack Davis at The Western Journal reports that an NIH laboratory in Montana was working with coronavirus in 2018. That’s a year before its supposed outbreak. President Trump might want to know why Dr. Fauci never told him. After all, Fauci was in charge of NIAID, the agency that financed the research. This is either carelessness of a phenomenal order – or treason. Davis cites The Daily Mail – and also the National Library of Medicine. That last link is to the results of the investigation.

Even more stunningly, the virus samples came from Wuhan.

The bats came from the Catoctin Zoo, the curator of which was an animal experimenter himself.

The Post Millennial has further details on the virus, and the bats.

And how did this happen? From Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times comes a report that Pfizer’s vaccine has not only mRNA, but DNA. That could explain certain signs raising a suspicion that the vaccine subtly alters the genome of the patient who takes it. The DNA sequence is from Simian Virus 40, a virus known to cause cancer. The sequence at issue is the promoter-enhancer, not the direct inducer. Still, this would never have been up to FDA standards before COVID. (Or would it?)


The real causes of COVID deaths

The “Vigilant Fox” recalls Elon Musk sharing with Joe Rogan his own research – phone calls to several doctors in Wuhan – indicating that intubation and mechanical ventilation is responsible for most COVID deaths. Joseph R. Mercola, D.O., said the same last June.

Steve Kirsch shared some of his research in a thread on X:

The striking bar graph shows number of deaths from two or more doses, every 28 days. It shows that most of the vaccine deaths happened immediately – but that the deaths rose again beginning in the third period after dipping during the second. More generally his informal study showed the following:

  1. 15 percent higher all-cause mortality in those taking the COVID vaccine,
  2. A risk of “turbo cancer” multiplied twelve-fold,
  3. Odds 2.2 higher of “dying suddenly,” and
  4. 3.5 times as many deaths from the vaccine as from the virus.

In this article, Kirsch calculates the odds ratio on “dying suddenly” in detail. He also shares that no person, in their incessant criticism of him, will wager that they’re right and he wrong.

Unlike Humphrey Bogart in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the American people didn’t challenge the government’s authority – until far too late.

The genetic weapon angle

Last of all is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who once broached a theory of the tailoring of the COVID virus to specific ethnic groups. Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reported at the time that one Jon Levine at The New York Post was too hasty to say that Kennedy had charged that the virus was tailored to spare Ashkenazic Jews and ethnic Chinese. This post sequence shows what Kennedy actually said, and how Levine misinterpreted it.


In fact, this virus did not spare the Chinese – not mainland Chinese, anyway. And reports out of Israel indicated that the vaccine decimated that country’s population. As bad as were the atrocities that began the Fourth Arab-Israeli War, this was worse, for the number of deaths. It was a burning of incense on the bamah, or “high place,” of technology. It was also treason.

Yesterday the Chinese Ministry of State Security specifically charged that the Chinese were targets of a genetically tailored coronavirus. Jim Hoft, writing about this latest charge, sourced it to the South China Morning Post. The point here is that someone – with American funding – was playing dangerous genocidal games.

What shall the people do about it?

Two days ago, Dr. Scott W. Atlas, who had shared a stage with Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx during the Trump administration, shared seven steps to restore trust in organized medicine. Briefly those steps are:

  1. Strictly define a “public health emergency” and set limits on such declaration. CNAV believes this rates a Constitutional Amendment, to put it on par with the definition of treason in Article III.
  2. Fire all current heads of the CDC, the NIH, and the Food and Drug Administration. Then apply six-year term limits to those headships, moving forward.
  3. Forbid employees of these agencies to share any patent or other royalties. Furthermore, forbid private employment in the field for five years after retirement from government service.
  4. Require full transparency of all discussions, including posting to public forums.
  5. State that none of these agencies may mandate anything. Dr. Atlas said to state by executive order. In this he is incorrect – one must state it by law.
  6. Decentralize current NIH funding, which today funds almost entirely the careers of academic doctors and other scientists. And:
  7. Withdraw from the World Health Organization, or at least repudiate their authority to set rules for the American people. That means repudiating the WHO Pandemic Accord.

CNAV would add an eighth step: arrest those agency heads, especially Dr. Fauci, and try them for treason and mass murder. And a ninth step: promote a new – or rather, old – kind of decentralized medicine.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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