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Trump and the fearful losers

As Donald J. Trump climbs in the polls, those most afraid of his winning election have vented their fears – but also revealed their plans.

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On Thanksgiving Day, the Biden campaign – on accounts that look like parody accounts, but aren’t – betrayed its fear of losing. The same day, the un-worthies at Salon did the same. From that online magazine came a screed that summed up five months of doomsday cries that a new dictator was coming, one who would permanently end democracy in America. That would-be dictator is, of course, Donald J. Trump. And in their screeds, his detractors have mainly revealed their fear that he will do to them what they have done to many of us. But they also revealed their own vision of the future, which one may deduce from their criticisms of his vision. And that vision is worth opposing in itself – for it is un-American and immoral on its face.

The latest criticism of Trump

Chauncey DeVega, senior writer at Salon, offers the screed, and interviews with eight colleagues he calls experts. He illustrates it with a stylized image of Trump, wearing a business suit and a jeweled crown, looking on a Capitol in flames.

After briefly describing three specific descriptions or forecasts of a likely Trump program, he warms to his central thesis. Which is: the American voters are as ignorant as middle-school dropouts, and made decisions that defy reason and common sense. Which means he doesn’t trust the American people to vote the way he wants them to vote. DeVega gives no detail on exactly what “calculations” by voters he finds “irrational.” He says only that “the average voter” is an “irrational” creature.

Not only that, but DeVega accuses the legacy media of failing to inform voters of the stakes. He knows that most of us dismiss their scare talk for what it is. (Though CNAV takes issue with his characterization. We know this is not mere “partisan bickering,” and that “politics as usual” doesn’t cover it, either.)

Here’s what he wants done: to suspend the election, or to repeat what Trump and his supporters have always suspected. Which is to use any means to skew the vote – including using ballot-marking devices that produce non-human-readable output, to cast votes the way he, DeVega, wants them cast, not as voters would actually want them cast. And as usual with leftists, the end justifies the means: voters are about to vote themselves a dictator.


Three plans for the future – what they are v. what the losers scream that they are

DeVega names two specific proposals and one hypothetical to scare people with. First is Agenda 47. In July DeVega told people to “be very afraid” of it. He describes it in lurid terms:

  • Ending birthright citizenship,
  • “Further criminalizing” the LGBTQIA+ cluster of movements,
  • Expanding censorship to stop the promotion of critical theory in all its forms,
  • “Attacking academic freedom,”
  • Pardoning those caught in that false-flag pseudo-operation that was the January 6 event,
  • Dismantling many of the three-letter agencies that are in fact part of “The Deep State,”
  • The death penalty for drug dealers, and
  • Ending our intervention on the side of that money laundry, biological weapons development center, and child trafficking hub Ukraine,

among other things. Readers who want to know what Agenda 47 is really about, can follow this link. CNAV does not approve of one element of it: the “American Academy.” Any government organ of education or media can fall into the wrong hands and become a detriment, not a boon, to the people. But “academic freedom” has given us colleges that don’t prepare students for the real world. (And that are hotbeds for antisemitism, too.)

Next, DeVega named Project 2025. The Public Broadcasting Service calls it a replacement of the U.S. Government with “Trump’s version.” It really is a replacement of all the Obama hangers-on and “Deep State” lackeys with true friends of liberty – and of America, as opposed to, say, Davos.

The Red Caesar Scenario

Last, DeVega mentions something he and others call the Red Caesar Scenario. That’s very instructive, if one may assume that those who coined that phrase know anything about Roman history. Julius Caesar faced an opposition that was personal. He, with an ancestry none could touch, opposed a permanent political class that was ruling Rome for its own benefit. His opponents, at every stage of his career, tried every trick in the book (in those day, a bucket of scrolls) to defeat him, or even bring about his imprisonment, or exile. Finally he’d had enough, and famously “crossed the Rubicon.” The “democratic” institutions that ended up going onto the scrap heap were thoroughly corrupt anyway. A few historians understand that, but not many.

Today Thom Hartmann at Salon and Jason Wilson at The Guardian openly accused Professor Kevin Slack at Hillsdale College of wanting Donald Trump to come back, as Caesar did – perhaps renaming the Potomac River as the Rubicon, one shouldn’t wonder. In reply, Prof. Slack pointed out that he and others can readily observe that democratic elections mean nothing today. He observes that “bureaucrats and entrenched executive branch departments” have supplanted democratic republicanism. An observation that, CNAV would say, none can deny. Obama holdovers thwarted Trump at every turn in his first term. And the three-letter agencies – FBI, CIA, NSA, and the DOJ itself – are the enemies of the people. DeVega’s alternatives are bills of attainder and ex post facto laws, and he knows it.

What a Trump second presidency would really mean

Alicia Powe at The Gateway Pundit treated the DeVega screed, and observed tartly the rich irony. DeVega talks about a “last Thanksgiving,” as if his allies hadn’t called for canceling the holiday.


Powe includes two posts that illustrate the sarcasm that greeted Salon’s article when they posted it to X.

Let us lay that aside and examine critically what a second Trump presidency would really look like. Would we see “every trans person either in the closet or detransitioned,” as one DeVega “expert” fears? One would hope actually to see every gender-confused person get the help he or she needs – and help means accepting the gender of their birth and untangling the trail of psychological – or physical – abuse that led them to question it. And several of the LGBTQIA+ movement’s “marks” have detransitioned, and denounced those who encouraged their “transition” as the quacksalvers and con artists they are.

Citizenship does require reform. The DeVegas would have people believe that absolutely anyone on earth ought to be a citizen of the United States. CNAV has treated Constitutional reform of citizenship before.

Far from expanding censorship, Trump would curtail it. And critical theory is an inherently divisive concept that should have no place in our schools. The January 6 defendants do deserve pardons, and the three-letter agencies are more bane than boon. And whether drug dealers (especially at high level) rate death, is a fit subject for debate.

On the contrary

Furthermore we can readily see, not only that DeVega justifies election fraud in advance, but what kind of society he would like to see. And not only he but those eight allies he cited. By emphasizing birthright citizenship he really wants to bring in good little Democrat voters to strip people of their property. (“Just compensation” would be no compensation.) Likewise by emphasizing LGBTQIA+ championship, he would like to see every adult – and child – suitably turned from God’s design and intent for human sexuality. It is he, not Trump, who wants a return to the censorship regime that prevailed at the old Twitter. No doubt he wants to prosecute anyone who voted for Trump, for complicity in the January 6 event. Those three-letter agencies are his friends, not ours.


And by championing Ukraine, he champions everything that has gone on in that country since at least the Maidan revolution. That demonstrably includes biological weapons development, including coronavirus. It also includes the money laundry that piped billions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of the Democratic Party. And it includes child trafficking.

Chauncey DeVega has just given the American people reason to vote for Trump, not against him. By the way: no part of the Trump program includes the abolition of elections. But it does include the reinstitution of fair elections, the outcomes of which would be in no doubt. That’s something even a leftist judge has lately ruled is our right.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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