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New Hampshire unmasks Nikki Haley

Trump won New Hampshire handily – but where Nikki Haley got her votes, and her money, give the lie to her campaign.

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President Donald J. Trump won New Hampshire last night, thus winning Iowa and New Hampshire back-to-back. No non-incumbent since Reagan has done that, which means Republican voters are treating Trump as they would treat an incumbent. But that’s not the most important result. The most important result is that Nikki Haley finished higher than she had any right to finish. Crossover voters helped her, and that proves what CNAV said last week. Namely that she is a Trojan mare, for the Democratic Party and a desperate Republican establishment.

New Hampshire results

Decision Desk called the New Hampshire Republican Primary promptly at 8:00 p.m. EST, the hour the last polls closed.

The Desk had full results as of 8:33 a.m. EST today. With about 95 percent of precincts reporting, Trump finished with 54.6% to Nikki Haley’s 43.4%. Ron DeSantis (0.7%) and a smattering of “others” (1.3%) rounded out the remaining 2% of the vote. Trump picked up 12 delegates, and Haley picked up the other 10. (New Hampshire awards delegates proportionally, but a candidate must have at least 10% of the vote to get any delegates.)

The Associated Press called the primary two minutes later; Nicholas Ballasy of Just the News reported that at 8:11 p.m. AP explained their reasoning here. Briefly, they relied on the returns received at the time, and “a survey of Republican primary voters,” to conclude that Trump was running too far ahead of Haley to catch up. Trump did well in northern New Hampshire, and in southern New Hampshire outside Manchester and its immediate surroundings. He did less well in the Connecticut River valley. In fact, Nikki Haley shellacked him, with 85% of the vote, in Hanover Township – where sits Dartmouth College.

Laura Loomer, understandably, was ecstatic.


She also noted that Trump is now the only candidate in history to win three New Hampshire primaries.

But she also noticed this post, from CBS News Correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns, at 7:41 p.m. EST:

Instinctively she said:

What about Nikki Haley?

John Solomon, who noticed that Trump won back-to-back Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary, called Nikki Haley’s performance a mirage. Though she finished with over two-fifths of the vote, she actually commanded the loyalty of one quarter of registered Republicans. So where did the other less-than-one-fifth come from? From two kinds of voters. Some are Democrats – and CNN ran an interview with one, which Charlie Kirk shared.

And the only kind of candidate who could get 85% of the vote in a college town, is a Democrat running as a Republican.


Tellingly, Nikki Haley vows to fight on, according to Reuters. But only her donors believe she has any path to victory now.

The reason for that is that Trump won in New Hampshire despite massive crossover voting. Exit polls showed the majority of voters in the Republican primary were Democrats.

To complicate matters further, Joe Biden didn’t even appear on his own primary ballot. He had supported the idea of “the first primary” being in South Carolina. But someone set up a machine for a write-in campaign, so Biden “won” anyway. Even that doesn’t matter – because New Hampshire won’t even send a delegation to the Democratic National Convention. Small wonder that many Democrats felt “free” to cross over and vote for Nikki Haley, according to The Daily Caller (as quoted in American Update).

Nevada will award delegates in caucuses scheduled for February 6 – but Haley will not take part. (Source: The Daily Caller.)

More ugly details

Vivek Ramaswamy directly accused Nikki Haley of taking money from the same people trying to exclude Trump from the ballot.


At 1:49 a.m. EST today, Laura Loomer followed up on her “Nikki is a Democrat” remark the night before.

The photo she embedded is from this article in Breitbart, saying 70% of voters in the New Hampshire primary were not registered Republicans. Breitbart in turn cited CNN. Apparently those voters were unaffiliated – but Democrats could have disaffiliated shortly before yesterday.

This morning Breitbart was citing more voices calling for Nikki Haley to drop out of the race. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the RNC, is no friend of Trump. But according to Citizen Free Press, she told Haley to drop out, in an interview on Fox.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) is a friend of Trump – and she also told Haley to drop out.

So did Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.):


As did Sean Davis, CEO of The Federalist.

And Ryan Fournier:

President Trump, for his part, took note of New Hampshire’s quirky crossover-facilitating rules.

He was right, of course. Rich Baris, “The People’s Pundit,” shared more:

And later:


Baris also had more insight on “The Dartmouth Vote”:

Trump knows all this, of course. See here and here.

Lessons from New Hampshire

So what did we learn from New Hampshire? That is, other than that Donald Trump will win the nomination, and it’s all over but the balloon drop? Just this: Nikki Haley has based her campaign on a vicious fraud. This fraud goes beyond her not satisfying the Vattel Criteria, and knowing that she didn’t. In fact, Dr. Steve Turley clearly stated the nature of her fraud this morning:

Briefly, Nikki Haley and her apologists repeatedly said that only she could rally the moderates to the Republican banner. Her campaign still says so, on ads that run on YouTube, as your editor can attest. But the New Hampshire results totally give the lie to this premise. Again: 70% of all those voting for her, considered themselves Democrats or called themselves independents. In CNAV’s experience, “independent” means “Democrat, but not wanting to own it.”

Not only that, but Democrat donors have financed her campaign, and are still financing it. Among them: Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn. That platform has a censorship regime worse than Facebook’s – another thing of which CNAV has direct and bitter experience. This is why CNAV calls Nikki Haley a Democratic Trojan mare. (In fact, someone created a meme on her last name – in all caps, but with the capital H featuring Hillary Clinton’s trademark bright red arrow forming the crossbar.)


How much longer is this mare manure going to continue?

She will stay in the race as long as her donors think they can play the Trojan Mare gambit. They don’t care about humiliation, because they think they’ll have the last laugh after their tame American National SWAT, or whatever they wish to call the new American paramilitary police force they wish to build, batters down everyone’s doors and hauls them off to reeducation camps. If they think they can throw logs onto the tracks of the Trump Train, they will.

The more reason, of course, to insist on the Vattel Criteria. With regard to this last: to the commenter on CNAV’s affiliated Rumble channel who said Vivek Ramaswamy admitted his parents were not both citizens when he was born, CNAV can confirm that. Reports are available from NBC News, The Washington Examiner, and The Daily Mail (through Microsoft Network). So is this video:

All tell the same story. The elder Ramaswamy never took the citizenship test and never got himself naturalized. Vivek’s mother did – after he was born. So he does not satisfy the Vattel Criteria and is not eligible to the office of President. CNAV applauds his position that even citizens-by-birth ought to take the citizenship test as a precondition of voting. But talk of having him as a Vice-Presidential running mate is totally inappropriate. He can better serve the country as, perhaps, an Undersecretary of State for naturalization and civics educational policy.

Moving forward

CNAV urges everyone not to let Nikki Haley fool them. Her fraudulent candidacy, again, proves the necessity of the Vattel Criteria. Vivek Ramaswamy’s example shows that a proper upbringing can produce a citizen-by-birth seemingly more loyal to America than are some natural born Americans CNAV could name – starting with Joseph Robinette Biden and Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Kamala Harris might not count; her natural born citizen status rates investigation also.) But Nikki Haley has shown a deliberate attempt to deceive, and that alone is a disqualifier, Vattel or no.

Sadly, the Republican Presidential primary process will continue with a lot of noise about Trump’s legal troubles. We need care no more about that than about Nikki Haley’s alarms about Trump’s unelectability. Trump himself showed those to be false alarms – and Nikki Haley has shown herself not qualified to sound any sort of alarm. As difficult as it might prove, the only course, moving forward, is to ignore her. New Hampshire proved the necessity, and the feasibility, of that course beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty.

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