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Fani Willis, legal ecdysiast

Fani Willis has been treating the American public to a legal striptease – distracting the people from a larger threat to their liberties.

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The sordid soap opera – with apologies to the Procter and Gamble Company – concerning Fulton County (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis and her apparent illicit lover and “colleague” Nathan Wade, grinds on, serving up more titillating gossip with every passing day. One has to wonder what kind of show Judge Scott McAfee is running – an evidentiary hearing, or a strip show. The revelations at that hearing, while embarrassing to Fani Willis, do not address the most serious aspects of the case. Which are: selective application of the law, prosecuting a candidate for a perfectly legal election contest, and collusion between the Office of the District Attorney and the Office of White House Counsel. This salacious drama serves only to distract the American public from far more serious plans that the Woke Left has for all of North America.

Review of the Fani Willis drama

Fani Willis won an indictment against Donald Trump and 18 of his lawyers and associates in August of 2023. She charged him under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute for his election challenge. Apparently elections, especially elections that Democrats win, are not to be challenged. Anyone who does, her prosecution theory states, is a racketeer. Sadly, that is also the theory of a grand jury who heard the evidence. How odd – no grand jury heard any RICO charge against Donna Curling. She is suing the Georgia Secretary of State’s office over voting machines that turn out to be eminently hackable. Donna Curling is a leftist. While her claim turns out to be eminently valid, Donald Trump’s claim is no less valid. Yet officials prosecute him but not her.

The House Judiciary Committee began investigating Fani Willis for prosecuting Trump from a political motive – and using federal funds. Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) announcement of that investigation drew skepticism – and outrage from those who want to apply the law selectively to Trump. Which is exactly what’s happening, as if anyone seriously compares Donald Trump to an organized crime figure.

Then, in January 2024, Mr. Michael Roman, one of Trump’s co-defendants filed a motion to:

  • Dismiss all charges against himself, and:
  • Disqualify Fani Willis and her entire office from any further prosecution of him.

The first revelations

This happened after his lawyer, and the private investigator they hired, developed evidence of an illicit love affair between Willis and Nathan Wade, the private attorney she hired as a “special prosecutor.” Within hours, further investigation, by Roman, his lawyer, and several journalists, revealed that:

  • Fani Willis appointed Nathan Wade as “Special Prosecutor” without consulting Fulton County’s legislative body, the Board of Commissioners.
  • Fani Willis set Wade up with a lavish expense account – sometimes receiving invoices for 24 hours of work in one day. (Does the man even sleep? Oh, sorry…!)
  • Since January 2022, Wade received nearly $654,000 in legal fees.
  • The two spent that money in lavish vacations and Caribbean cruises, including on ships of the super-deluxe Royal Caribbean Line.
  • Among the invoices the DA’s office received: $2000 for eight hours of meetings with White House Counsel’s Office officials. This was only the beginning.

These are the elements of what should be the scandal surrounding this case:

  • Selective application of the law,
  • A political prosecution for an activity that ought always to be perfectly lawful, i.e., contesting an election, and:
  • Collusion between the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of White House Counsel.

Rep. Jordan has expanded his investigation of Willis to include Wade and his communications with various Biden administration officials. He at least is working the collusion angle, of which two other commentators have taken note. But why doesn’t this aspect of the case concern anyone else?

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade as the shiny objects

Two days ago, The Gateway Pundit carried one article – by Cullen Linebarger – about collusion between the Fulton County DA’s office and the Biden administration. Linebarger cited an article from Breitbart about Fani Willis’ deputy, Jeff DiSantis. He worked on Willis’ 2020 election campaign and also has extensive experience with and in the Georgia Democratic Party.


But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that the entire prosecution of Trump was his idea. And he was taking the direct orders from the White House. From Breitbart:

DiSantis did this. He’s the one. He is the one pulling all the strings.

He was the one that walled her (Willis) off. He was in every important meeting. He is the brainchild behind this. That is the connection to the White House.

DiSantis is the one pulling the strings on this whole thing. Everybody heard Fani testify.

It’s no secret that she’s not smart. That is how she sounds and acts every day of the week.

In other words, Nathan Wade has almost nothing to do with this. Those invoices could be all for show – another excuse to bilk the taxpayers for money for lavish vacations.

So why are we wasting time on the Willis-Wade soap opera? Fani Willis and Nathan Wade exchanged 11,865 text messages before she put him on the payroll, according to Jim Hoft. Who cares? Why are Paul Sperry and Charlie Kirk talking about this, and not Jeff DiSantis and his pipeline to Biden?

Nathan Wade’s divorce attorney tries to claim attorney-client privilege, and Judge McAfee disallows it. Who cares? That same attorney then makes that time-honored claim of hostile witnesses everywhere: amnesia. Again, who cares?

Wade had a garage-door clicker for Fani Willis’ home. The two actually “did it” in his law office. Again, who cares?


What does this prove?

This is supposed to prove that the two began their affair before she hired him, though she said the affair began afterward. That, of course, is perjury. But what does that prove, except that Fani Willis moronically and desperately tried to fudge something that doesn’t even matter? How does that address a political prosecution, selective application of the law, and White House collusion? Those are the real scandals with this case – while Judge McAfee dangles two shiny objects to distract people from it.

With all due respect to the court, the American people likely don’t give an unripe fig:

  • What kind of relationships, other than professional, any two or more people have in the Fulton County DA’s office,
  • When any kind of extracurricular and adulterous (or merely fornicative) relationship began, or
  • That one of the parties is pretending to be the Big Connection to the White House that he is not.

That last part almost redounds more to conservatives’ shame. That Nathan Wade could have fabricated those invoices about meetings with White House officials, both to screw more money from Fulton County taxpayers and to hide the role of Deputy District Attorney Jeff DiSantis, should have been obvious. Kudos to Breitbart for revealing the missing piece. But why isn’t Judge McAfee looking into this? For that matter, has Donald Trump made another mistake in his hiring of his own attorneys? Why didn’t they turn up this lead?

Who should care about what

Perhaps Mrs. Wade, Nathan’s long-suffering wife, should care about Wade’s withholding of income during their divorce litigation. Obviously Fulton County taxpayers, regardless of how they voted in the Presidential or the Fulton County DA’s election, should care about their DA turning the high-profile case she campaigned on pursuing, into a slush fund for herself and her boyfriend. Arguably any court must care when one of its officers perjures herself on the witness stand and violates ethical canons.

All these things are legitimate concerns – for the people directly involved. They are not the most important concerns for the American people. Instead, the American people need to know about the collusion, between the DA’s office (and at its highest levels!) and the White House, to:

  • Interfere in the Presidential Election of 2024,
  • Infringe upon the privileges and immunities of a citizen of the United States, and
  • Deprive said citizen of liberty and property, if not of life, without due process of law.

The Canadian Anti-free-speech Juggernaut

And while this is happening, something else is happening Up North that The Gateway Pundit isn’t even covering. Canada is considering a new bill – C-63, the Online Harms Act – that violates every concept of freedom of speech. Life imprisonment and $70,000 (Canadian) fines for defending the State of Israel in the Fourth Arab-Israeli War! (They say those penalties would apply to the advocacy of genocide – but who decides that? The ideological allies of Justin Trudeau’s government have made the direct analogy, and repeatedly.)

Canadian Justice Minister Arif Virani (a Muslim himself!) introduced this bill and couched it in grand terms.


The Bill would create stronger online protection for children and better safeguard everyone in Canada from online hate and other types of harmful content. The Bill sets out a new vision for safer and more inclusive online participation. It would hold online platforms, including livestreaming and adult content services, accountable for the design choices made that lead to the dissemination and amplification of harmful content on their platforms and ensure that platforms are employing mitigation strategies that reduce a user’s exposure to harmful content.

For too long, we have tolerated a system where online platforms have offloaded their responsibilities onto parents, expecting them to protect their kids from harms that platforms create or amplify.

Parents should run, not walk, from any such protection. Sixty years ago, adults used to tell children not to play with the telephone. Now parents irresponsibly let their children engage with social media and with users they know nothing about. No one can relieve parents of their responsibilities – which this bill seeks to do. And “hate speech”? “Hate speech” is any speech with which the government disagrees.

Some of the harms the Canadian government mentions are legitimate – but the law already provides for their investigation and punishment. For the rest, the best defense is practical philosophical education, including not caring what other people say about you. Instead the Canadian government entices people to support this draconian legislation with an offer to protect sensitive feelings. Which gives “conspiracy theorists” better reason to suppose, and assert, that government is a protection racket.

Again, who cares about Fani Willis?

All these things should be the objects of concern for the American people. Instead, we get Fani Willis, and her transformation from legal avenger to legal ecdysiast. And while she plays her part in the legal strip show that is her disqualification hearing:

  • Real street crime goes unpunished in Atlanta, just as it does in New York City and for the same reasons,
  • The White House has installed an operative as the real Fulton County District Attorney, though he holds a lesser title,
  • He and the White House collude in election interference, infringement on citizen privileges and immunities, and denial of due process and equal protection of the laws, and:
  • The Canadian Minister of Justice shows equally ideologically corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland How It Is Done.

So when:

  • The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team batters down your door because you “gave gas” to “the Palestinians,”
  • A federal judge sentences you to life imprisonment for that offense, and
  • Chief Justice Tanya Chutkan presides over a Supreme Court conference that denies review of your case,

ask yourself why you watched Fani Willis perform – i.e., testify – for your mindless entertainment, instead of concentrating on the real scandal – and threat.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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