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Texas receives further provocation

A federal judge enjoined a Texas law enabling State and local law-enforcement officers to arrest illegal immigrants within the State.

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Texas receives further provocation

Kudos to Contributor Darrell L. Castle for his masterful analysis of the murder of Laken Riley. He also covered how the Biden administration’s immigration policies set that murder up. Castle also covered much of the activity now taking place in Texas, but not all of it. And now Texas has received more provocation of which everyone should take note.

Texas told they may not arrest illegals

Texas passed a law, to take effect March 5, defining “criminal tresspass” to include being in the country illegally. This would make illegal immigrants subject to arrest by Texas law-enforcement officials. But now Judge David A. Ezra of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas (Austin Division) has enjoined that law.

Katelynn Richardson of The Daily Caller has details. Judge Ezra issued a 114-page memorandum order granting a preliminary injunction. U.S. v. Texas et al., case no. 1:24-cv-8-DAE, consolidated with Las Americas Immigrant Advoc. Ctr., Am. Gateways, and Co. El Paso v. McCraw and Hicks.

Judge Ezra, in his order:

  • Denied that any invasion was taking place,
  • Asserted that the federal government was so doing something to curtail immigration, and
  • Suggested that treaties obligate the United States to let these migrants in.

All these propositions are debatable, of course. But more to the point, Mr. Castle suggested that the federal government has set up a Fort Sumter Event. This injunction could also constitute a Fort Sumter Event. The Texas Nationalist Movement has taken note and so asserted, though not quite in so many words:

And directly to Mr. Castle’s point about confiscating the income taxes Texas pays:


The TNM and its head, Dan Miller, have repeatedly called on Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) to:

  • Call the Legislature into special session, and there:
  • Present a bill to set a referendum for a Texas Independence Study Committee.
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