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Trump changes demographic rules



President Donald J. Trump is changing the rules of demography in American elections. That’s actually easy, because those rules have their basis in the lowest forms of collectivism. Those forms go by one catch-all name: “identity politics.” Demographic identities have always been the most obvious, and a bad tradition has set in that members of certain demographic – that is to say, ethnic – groups will always vote a certain way. Much of this comes from thoroughly bad choices by group leaders, from Black pastors to Jewish rabbis. But Donald Trump has done what none of those leaders imagined, or planned for. He has exposed the scams so many of these leaders – and those to whom many of them answer – are running. The games are up, and the cries of “Foul!” signal that these corrupt leaders already begin to know it.

Latest Trump advantages

Independent journalist Alicia Powe, in a special to The Gateway Pundit, shared results of the latest poll summary by The New York Times. Polling in six “battleground” States (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada) shows Trump leading in every State but Wisconsin. Worse, his leads in Georgia and Nevada are so far apart that even the error bars do not overlap. “Margins of error” properly figure in extending “error bars” above and below the results on a number line. The overlap in Wisconsin is so severe that the two candidates might as well be tied. That also holds in Pennsylvania, where each error bar overlaps the other result. In Arizona and Michigan the overlap is not even that long.

The Georgia result is most telling, because that is where the District Attorney of Fulton County is trying Trump for trying to steal the Election of 2020, gangland style. (That case is effectively on hold, because DA Fani Willis has problems of her own.) And Nevada? Biden took Nevada, too. Nor has this anything to do with scattered votes by County Boards of Elections to switch to hand-counted paper ballots. (Although Georgia has a federal case pending by leftists who accuse Dominion Voting Services of gimmicking an election they lost!) This shows that “Resident” Joe Biden has lost his cheater’s baseline. If you’re going to stuff the ballot box, you need a baseline to get you close enough for that to work. For Biden in 2024, that might not work.

Losing key demographics

Next question: why is the “Resident” losing his baseline? Because the young and the nonwhites are deserting him. Nate Cohn, author of the Times piece, noticed that young, Black and Hispanic voters are all asking: what have you done for us lately? The young (and foolish) have a few foolish ideas about things that shouldn’t concern them directly, things about which the elites have lied to them. (Like “The globe is warming, the globe is warming!”) But Blacks and Hispanics especially know that Biden has made things worse, not better. Mike LaChance, a regular at The Gateway Pundit, notes their biggest complaint: inflation. That is so bad that even the fast food joints are jacking up their prices to traditional sit-down restaurant levels. (Many, like Red Lobster, are throwing in the towel completely.)

LaChance cited The Washington Examiner, which gave further details he did not quote. Blacks don’t appreciate the “gender bender thing,” specifically the gutting of the Title IX protections for women in sports. Nor do they appreciate the rank antisemitism on college campuses. If that doesn’t directly concern Blacks, it does concern Jews – and rightly so. But what likely shocks the Democrats is that the Blacks haven’t drawn the moral. Antisemitic conspiracy theories have long been a staple of leftist outreach to Blacks. Now it’s not working anymore.


“Latinx” is a jinx!

The baseline in the Hispanic community was always less than that in the Black community, and now it’s lesser still. Democrats should have thought of that when they embraced a new name no Latin uses today: “Latinx” (rhymes with Kleenex®). As it turns out, “Latinx” symbolizes gender bending, and Hispanics like that even less than Blacks do. Someone forgot to tell the Left that Blacks and Hispanics place family high in their priorities. But of course the Affluent White Female Urban Liberals – those AWFUL people – seek to destroy the family. Everybody knows it, because the AWFULs didn’t even bother to hide it. Like Balaam (Numbers chh. 22-24), they can’t shut up even when they should.

If Donald Trump were half the polarizing figure the Left says he is, one would expect members of these demographics to stay home on Election Day and sit on their hands. Sorry, Left, but no joy on that one. They intend to vote for Donald Trump. One expects to see that among married women, for after all, they follow their husbands, with whom they are simpatico. But now one sees it in college-educated women. That has to hurt.

Worse yet, Brock McCleary, Vice-President of Polling for Cygnal, told the Examiner that these voters express nostalgia. Nostalgia, by definition, means knowing that things were better in the old days. And who was running things in the old days? Trump! So they want him back – as any reasonable person would.

Accusing the Times of bias toward Trump?

Pundits on the left are already crying, “FOUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL!” Oliver Darcy, who inherited CNN’s Reliable Sources from Brian Stelter, actually said, two and a half months ago, that The New York Times was being soft on Trump and too hard on Biden. Apparently the Times published a poll finding that most who voted for Biden now say he is too old. A journalism professor at City University of New York’s journalism school was apoplectic.

That they even asked this question is evidence of the bias — the agenda — in their poll. Who made age an “issue”? The credulous Times falling into the right-wing’s projection. This is not journalism. Shameful. NY Times, did you ask your random voters whether Trump is too insane, doddering, racist, sexist, criminal, traitorous, hateful to be effective as President? This is not a poll. It is your agenda.

And that, is a pity party. How the Times finally came to see reason, CNAV will not speculate. But no one can deny that the “Resident” is too old. He can’t deliver a speech without being pumped full of amphetamines. (Which is why Wayne Allen Root, assistant editor at The Gateway Pundit, advises Trump to insist on a drug test for The Resident before debating him.) The accusations against Trump are worse than specious. Trump is loyal to the United States. Biden and his handlers are the traitors, conspiring to hand this nation over to a mad scientist who looks like Telly Savalas portraying Ernst Stavro Blofeld in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). (And sounds like him, too, except that Klaus Schwab’s accent is German, not Greek.)


Darcy himself contributed to the chorus, talking about how to cover “Trump and [his] ongoing threats to American democracy.” First, “democracy” is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Second, advocates of “lawsuit abuse” can’t complain about “threats to democracy.”

Admitting a real problem

But according to Ms. Powe, some leftists have admitted that they have a real problem. They’re not contesting these numbers, as the Times critics seem to be doing. Some seem to blame the Left’s constituents, whom they describe as “confused.” But others choose to blame the Biden administration and the Democratic Party for not sending the right message. Powe quotes Jim Kessler, co-founder of Third Way:

With the usual stipulations about polls six months out, Biden is behind. They need to be in a better place on the border, crime and inflation to win. They have a story to tell on each and further actions they can take, but need to get cracking.

That’s not going to fly, either. The problem is not with the message but with the policies. “A story to tell” on “the border, crime and inflation”? CNAV can just imagine. On the border: “The oppressed classes of the world have risen up to replace their oppressors by taking over the chief means of oppression: American elections.” On crime: “A thief is an irregular wealth-redistribution agent, and a murderer is an irregular surplus population thinner.” And on inflation: “There is no inflation. There are only spoilsport greedy corporations raking in record profits by starving the masses.” In fact, Neil Cavuto yesterday thumped Biden for actually saying inflation was at nine percent when he took office. Everyone knows that inflation was at less than two percent then.

Wayne Allen Root took time yesterday to illustrate a worse problem. Democrats, he says, love to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler. But their policies have mirrored Hitler’s in many ways, from vax mandates to censorship to the weaponization of the executive and judicial branches. They have a problem, all right – but will never admit it.

Looking forward

As Trump did by campaigning in New York and New Jersey, he is breaking all the traditional campaign rules. “Stick to your own kind!” cries Anita to Maria in West Side Story. And for decades politicians did just that. That’s how the Grand Leftist Coalition could hold together so many disparate groups.


Trump broke that rule, and discovered something everyone else missed. Even groups have individuals making them up. Those individuals do not put food into a collective mouth, nor digest it in a collective stomach. Nor do they have a collective wallet. Trump shows these individuals that he sees what’s happening, and sympathizes. Those same individuals look at the Resident, and – what do they see? At best, a doddering old goat with a shuffling gait, who mumbles half the time and screams the rest. And at worst, a vindictive old con artist.

And when Trump had his mug shot taken in Atlanta, and released that, many Blacks greeted him with “Hi, jailbird!” That’s a lodge greeting, and Blacks especially are welcoming Trump into their lodge.

The Democrats noticed that – then forgot about it. That’s why Donald Trump will win – so long as Republicans remember the Precinct Strategy and implement both parts of it. Including becoming both accredited Party polling-place challengers, and Officers of Election.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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