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Karl Rove: establishment axe man



Karl Rove

For several years now all we have heard about the GOP Establishment was, “there is no such thing.” And who led that charge, day in and day out?  None other than the “Executioner” himself.  The soft-spoken, deliberate and refined, Karl Rove.

Karl Rove: his real agenda

What you may ask yourself has been Karl Rove’s agenda since the appearance and growth of the conservative movement in this country?  Was it to see that as many seats in the House and the Senate be filled with persons with an (R) after their name?

If you think that, you have not been paying attention.  Karl Rove, with the full assistance of one “I’m not a Republican” Sean Hannity, has cared little about controlling the Congress.  His agenda? Keeping Tea Party and conservatives out.

How Karl Rove did it

Karl Rove

Karl Rove, as White House Deputy Chief of Staff. Photo: The White House.

The list of his shenanigans is long and crystal clear.  If the GOP RINO was defeated by a Tea Party supported candidate or a small government conservative, did Rove do all he could to make sure the Republican win the general election thereby helping get much-needed control of Congress?

No, quite the opposite.  He in fact, did everything in his power to see to it that anyone who had the audacity to oppose the establishment, lose to the Democrat in the general election.

Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell are just two examples of the battering conservatives took, at the hands of Rove, after they won the primary.  The  message?  We in the establishment will not stand for any interference in our control.  The country be damned.


The latest example: Todd Akin.  Let’s review what Todd Akin has done that would bring the wrath of the GOP down on his head like an executioner’s axe.

Did he rape a campaign worker or sexually assault a White House volunteer looking for family help?  Did he seduce a 19 year girl working as an intern?Did he invite a young supporter into his room and try to force sex on her or did he drive a young lady into a river and leave her to drown?

No, Todd Akin had the audacity to relate information he read concerning the possibility and /or probability of fertilization based upon stress.  Let’s not forget that this statement was made in effort to keep human babies from being attacked with chemical weapons or by a surgeon’s butcher knife.

While trying to save the lives of unborn children may well have been enough to get the left in this country up in arms, Todd’s crimes were much worse in the eyes of Karl Rove and his abettors at FOX news.

You see Todd worked his tail off and had the audacity to defeat the GOP establishment’s candidate.  Rove, like a predator in waiting, slithered from issue to issue until this one reared its ugly head.  Then, down came the axe.


It is time every Conservative in this country understand what motivates Rove and then let FOX News know we will not sit there and listen as our values are subverted and disregarded.


Karl Rove should resign, say critics

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Nathan Bickel

Dwight –

Excellent short and concise commentary! You’ve driven your point home! Rove is an embarrassment to Conservatism. You are spot on with your assertion that he desires to keep TEA Party participants from the Republican Party and to share in the election process.

Rove’s actions in playing the Judas upon Akin could have further implications. The rest of the Republican Party seemed to agree with Rove – even so-called “Conservative” talk show hosts. In my opinion they’ve all done patriotism and the election process, dirty, by bowing to the lib Dem gods of political correctness and practicing their sanctimonious holier-than thou.

When the news came out about the Republican betrayal of Akin, I wrote some of my thoughts on my blog. Here’s the ready link:

Ruthless Republicans shoot their wounded

link to

Finally, I say that if this type of Republican country club nastiness continues, the TEA Party might be highly influenced to form a formal National political party; or at the least, on state levels. And, I think that TEA Partiers could pull it off; grabbing significant percentages of various voter groupings. Just think of it, at least on a national level. Think of the scenario that if the Dems get their way of doing away with the electoral college; the TEA Party could actually and successfully compete with that process.

Or, another scenario – the Karl Roves and Ann Coulters of the GOP could very well disenfranchise and frustrate enough Conservatives, thus helping the Dems……..

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel


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