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America: they want it? Let them own it



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

During the past four years, and even the time leading up to Obama’s first election, many who spent the required time to actually look into what he had planned for America, have feared he would be successful in fundamentally changing this country.

Now, with the help of the corrupt and unprofessional media, not only have our fears come true, more so than many could have imagined, but now he has at least four more years to carry out “revenge” on his number one enemy, American Capitalism.

During this 2012 campaign, our message had changed from trying to get people to see what Obama is, to questioning whether this country can survive another four years of him.
America has taken a very dark turn towards its own destruction and during this time the “takers” seem to now outnumber the “makers.” So many patriots have worked tirelessly trying to inform and instruct, apparently with very little success.

Perhaps it is time to let reality be the teacher.

The Gadsden flag. America might need to fight under this banner.

Christopher Gadsden’s “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, the unofficial symbol of the Tea Party movement. Photo: User VIkrum/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

In other words, the Democrats, the liberals, the media, Hollyweird, academia and the apathetically uninformed masses all want what Obama is pushing.

Let them have it.

Let them try to survive it.



Let them own it.

Recall how the Republicans got the blame for this past recession. Never mind that the housing industry was bloated and oversold with the push by Democrats to make every American a homeowner, whether they had a dime or a job. By involving themselves in that nightmare, even in the effort of slowing down the destructive nature of it, the GOP was easily tagged as cohorts and the cause.

Obama has economic calamity in store for America, and with or without the help of the GOP, it will happen.

The question is, can we survive it? Can we come out of the next four years with the concept of big government and socialist policies exposed for the misery they represent and cause? If we do, then, for generations to come the working people of this country will be done with Obama and the socialist agenda.

But the only way for the people to understand that the crashing economy, the raging inflation, the high unemployment, food and fuel prices exploding are the sole result of Obama and what they themselves voted for, is if the Conservatives, the Constitutionalists (if there are any in government) and the GOP have nothing to do with it.


TPATH is suggesting a radical path which will represent some very tough times. But just as weightlifting tears and damages muscle fiber, the end product is stronger and more powerful tissue. The masses need to suffer what they have wrought and then come out of it, stronger and wiser.

All patriots should contact the GOP controlled Congress and tell them to stand down on economic issues. The Speaker of the House should call a press conference and announce that all Obama’s economic policies will be approved, Then make it crystal clear, that those policies will destroy the middle class, further impoverish the poor and crush business and entrepreneurship.

He should tell the people that Congress will be there in the future and then will do everything it can to pull the country out of the abyss they voted for in 2012.

He should go on to tell America that Congress will work hard at protecting the security of the country, the civil and personal rights afforded to them by the Constitution and they will continue to investigate “Fast and Furious,” Benghazi and any other crimes against the American people. Fighting terrorism and keeping Iran from acquiring nuclear arms and defending Israel from her anti-Semitic enemies will be primary. But:

As to the economy…

It will belong entirely to Obama and the Democratic Party and those people who chose free stuff over freedom.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub.


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Fergus Mason

“But just as weightlifting tears and damages muscle fiber, the end product is stronger and more powerful tissue.”

Nope. If you tear and damage muscle tissue you’re doing it wrong, and the end result will be damaged muscles that are more prone to injury.

You’re wrong about politics too, of course.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I find your remarks inconsistent. Long ago you said you preferred Ron Paul. Well, Ron Paul would scarcely approve of a President, or in this case a putative President, who desired revenge on those who succeeded by doing honest work.

Fergus Mason

“a President, or in this case a putative President, who desired revenge on those who succeeded by doing honest work.”

Except of course that I disagree with that analysis. Obama is far from an economic genius, but he’s not out for revenge or anything like that. He’s just wrong.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Why’d he say that “voting [Democratic] was the best revenge”? And why his angry screed on the subject of taxes? The visible anger he displayed speaks volumes about his attitude.

But: I find interesting that you’re not sure that his policy proposals are the correct ones, given present circumstances.


Indulge in your second-favourite habit of putting words in your President’s mouth all you like, but he did NOT include the word “Democratic” in that quote.

Just stop lying, Terry. It’s not Christian.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I never started lying.

I enclosed the word “Democratic” in square brackets for a reason. The square brackets, as they taught me in English class (and maybe you nodded off when they got to this), mean something that someone didn’t say out loud, but clearly meant.


“something that someone didn’t say out loud, but clearly meant”

So suddenly you’re a mind-reader too? The fact still remains that you’re putting words that were not said in somebody else’s mouth.

That’s lying.

And also poor journalism.

Honestly though, the best way to save America is for the southern Red states to secede en masse. That way all the federal aid which states like Mississippi and Tennessee soak up can be utilised to pay off the debt, which will in itself be reduced, because each state that secedes will take its portion of the debt with it. Add to that the money that’ll be saved from having to rescue them from hurricanes every year and the budget will be balanced in no time. Plus the South can create a theocracy, declare war on Mexico and use poor people as a renewable power source with nobody to complain.

Terry A. Hurlbut

If you are serious about brokering a deal to have the old Confederate States of America secede from the Union, I for one would gladly take the post of Ambassador Extraordinary/Plenipotentiary of such an entity, if they would do me the honor of offering me that post. Given my split heritage, half Northern and half Southern, I would consider myself more than usually qualified to be such an Ambassador or to serve on his staff.

Or maybe, given my experiences with weathering Hurricane Sandy and Nor’easter Athena, and Hurricanes Alicia (1983), Adam (1980), and Camille (1969), not to mention five years’ residency in Memphis, TN, the largest city of consequence along Tornado Alley, I could as easily work my way up the militia chain.

But I suspect that the minute you proposed to the White House that they draw up such an instrument of dissolution as you describe, someone would take you aside and explain to you, with as much patience as a teacher ever showed a granite-skull pupil, that the Union needs the South more than the South needs the Union. And that actually offering the South its freedom is the last thing that anyone, especially the Thief-in-Chief, wants.

Fergus Mason

“I could as easily work my way up the militia chain.”

What’s with the militia thing, Terry? You don’t have any relevant training or experience and, no offence, you’re a bit old to start picking it up.


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