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NJGOP: when will they get it?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

In my last article I stated the NJGOP is the only state Republican Party in the Union that has not adopted the Republican National Committee Platform. One must ask, why? Well one Republican Assemblymen, in a sullen whimper told me, “Nick you just don’t understand, New Jersey is mostly liberal, we have to compromise.”

Phantom Politics

Republicans in Trenton are like ghosts or apparitions. Democrats suspect they are there, speak of them from time to time, but ignore any possibility of threat or involvement. If the gossamer battle lines, drawn in flimsy and intentionally ineffective defense of our conservative values, represent all that Republicans can do, because, New Jersey is mostly liberal, what purpose do they serve?

So why is New Jersey the least free state in the Union, the second highest taxed, and with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation? Well for certain, the standard fare of New Jersey, crony politics, kickbacks, taxes, and over borrowing are major factors. But as Republicans have chosen stealth over steel they have essentially relegated New Jersey to one party control.

Any Republican who will not “stand up” and fight, should “stand down” and make room for those who will.

Governor Christie, with spectral affinity to the agenda of propaganda employed by his hug buddy Obama, keeps telling us New Jersey is coming back. Coming back to what? From what? Back to where we were before the sales tax, the increases in property taxes and the institution of the state income tax? All of which were agreed to by Christie’s gadflies or those they have chosen to emulate.


Coming back? No Governor, not until we “go back”, back to when New Jersey had strong leaders who protected the hardworking taxpayer. And when the hardworking taxpayer was not prohibited from protecting himself.

Any chance that will ever happen again here in the Garden State? Not looking good from this vantage point. Now, it appears that Christie, not only is not looking at cutting taxes, but has indicated he is backing a new one, on the internet.

It seems its not good enough to have “brick and mortar” companies here floundering and struggling to make a profit, its time to do the same to the internet businesses. Great idea! Oh yea Governor, we are coming back.

Why won’t GOP-NJ adopt the RNC platform?

Returning the attention back to the RNC Platform, the one the GOPNJ refuses to adopt. The reasons for that may be coming to view.

  • Could it be because the National Platform of the GOP came out with a resolution calling for cooperation with conservative grassroots movements?
  • Could it be because the RNC platform supports tax reform and lower taxes?
  • Could it be that the RNC has called for stricter adherence to the Constitution?

Christie’s comments about instituting yet more unconstitutional infringements on the honest citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights and even more taxes would be in stark contrast to the National Republican Platform.

New face of GOP New Jersey: cozying up to Obama.

Why are these two men smiling after Hurricane Sandy? Photo: TPATH

In Part 1 of this series the NJGOP as well as our Governor were referenced as Democrat-Lite. However, in Governor Christie’s case maybe not all that lite. One would wonder when he will pull a Charlie Christ and switch parties. At this point, he is far ahead of where Charlie Chris was in Obama brownie points.

Just today, Christie continued with his one man admiration society pumping up his buddy Obama while talking to ultra liberal Joe Scarborough. Needless to say the good Governor knew he needed to plant the required, Obama and I are 95% in disagreement on political matters. Really? Let’s review. Both Obama and Christie appoint leftists to the court system, both of them cater to and appoint Muslims, both love the idea of cap and trade, both are working to destroy gun rights, both are into new ways to tax and grow government, Obama refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and Christie appoints to the New Jersey Supreme Court, a leftist who totally agrees with that agenda.


So where is the 95% disagreement? Maybe they disagree on the size of food portions at the buffet table or maybe on who is better looking, Michelle or Reggie Love.

The nature of our political party system is that anyone can register in any party they so choose. The Marxist “Mommy State” politician, Large Soda Bloomberg, profoundly proves that point. But, calling oneself and astronaut, an engineer or a Republican, doesn’t make it so.

Instead of working to find conservative candidates, those who may truly help turn New Jersey’s economy around, the NJGOP Republican Convention last March committee people were told who the candidates would be. Those hand picked by the GOP were paraded on stage and no consideration was given to any but their picks. This happened in Monmouth County, but its a very good bet, Monmouth is no anomaly.

Of governors and legislators

The Governor is not the only problem here. Congressmen, Assemblymen, state senators are all the ingredients which continue to fowl the recipe for a prosperous NJ. When is the last time you have heard from your Congressman? Except of course during the campaign season when they need some cash. Heck, there is one congressman who doesn’t even live in New Jersey and hasn’t for many years. And though it may be difficult to blame him for wanting to live anyplace but the liberal Garden State, he does manage to get back here for a few weeks just prior to the November elections. How can this man represent NJ when he hasn’t spent more than a few months here in the last 12 years?



When was the last time you heard (Assemblymen, Senators, and Freeholders) any of them demanding Governor Christie remove the automatic 2-percent cap for education funding– that after 5 years your property taxes will increase over 11-percent for education alone or a freeze on municipal taxes. What about the second Amendment? This is just the tip of the iceberg

All we hear is please come to my fund raiser–That’s the problem, the NJGOP doesn’t get it, the establishment decides who will represent us, no debates, no choice, no voting on candidates. Just do as you’re told. And certainly, don’t expect us to allow any challenger to present their views to Republican Clubs.

People, it is time for a change. We need strong conservative candidates not only in the Republican party but in both parties. If conservatives are blocked out the two parties, we need to look elsewhere, such as Independents.

Every candidate and incumbent should read the legislation proposed by individual citizens listed on the non-partisan website. You will find much there that would protect your freedom and financial future.

It is suggested that you ask your incumbent elected official or challenger whether he/she finds any problem with these proposals. If they do, you should have a problem with them.


The Eagle

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

Second in the Political Gadfly series. (Read Part 1 here.)


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