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The Constitution, which sets forth the principle of rule of law, defines what is unconstitutional, and guarantees freedom of speech and other liberties of a Constitutional republic, and also describes the impeachment power. (How many know of the Jewish roots of this document?) Hypocrisy threatens Constitutional government. Could Israel use a constitution like this? More to the point: would a Convention of States save it, or destroy it? (Example: civil asset forfeiture violates the Constitution.) Quick fixes like Regulation Freedom Amendments weaken it. Furthermore: the Constitution provides for removing, and punishing, a judge who commits treason in his rulings. Furthermore, opponents who engage in lawfare against an elected President risk breaking the Constitution.

This week I received my official “Truth About Republicans Survey” from Speaker of the House, John Boehner. In the opening line Mr. Boehner informs me that he urgently needs my help to “set the record straight.”

It appears the media has been spreading lies about Republicans and Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party need my help in making the truth about Republicans known far and wide. So, taking Mr. Boehner’s letter and the accompanying survey at face value, as opposed to cynically presuming it to be a mere marketing tool and a fundraising gimmick, I thought I would help Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party by publicly, and very candidly, answering the survey questions and doing my part to make the truth known.

There are 15 questions in the survey, each of which is followed by check boxes for “Yes,” or “No.” Frankly, I found a simple yes or no answer to be thoroughly inadequate for answering the questions. To merely check a box would give an utterly false representation of what I believe to be the truth of the matter. Thus, this article will serve as my full answer to the survey as I help Mr. Boehner discover the truth about Republicans.

So let’s use this survey as an opportunity to exercise our critical thinking skills, rehearse the sound principles of good government once embraced by our nation’s founders and practice thinking like Constitutionalists.

The Truth About Republicans: A Survey

What is the Truth about Republicans?

American Perspective. Graphic: Constitution Party of Washington

1.    Do you believe President Obama’s victory in the 2012 elections give the White House a mandate to pursue policies that grow the size and scope of government?

YES – Considering that half of Americans voted for a deficit spending, big government, socialist Democrat for President, while the other half voted for a deficit spending, big government, socialist candidate that the Republican Party leadership shoved down their throats, then yes – there is definitely a mandate for deficit spending, big government socialism based on the vote of the people. Nevertheless, deficit spending, big government and socialism are still unwise, immoral and contrary to our Constitutionally prescribed form of government.


2.    Do you believe that President Obama and Democrats in Congress have legislative policies targeted to create private sector jobs and strengthen small businesses?

NO – And there is no evidence that Republicans do either as the only real plan for private sector job creation would be to stop the exporting of U.S. manufacturing jobs, return the federal government to its Constitutionally prescribed limits and eliminate every un-Constitutional agency, program, tax and regulation that suppresses free enterprise – all of which the Republican Party failed to do after the “Republican Revolution” of 1994, or during the Bush years of complete Republican control of all branches of the federal government and much of which could be done even now by the Republican controlled House simply refusing to provide funding for any un-Constitutional agencies or programs.

3.     Are you in favor of reform that lowers tax rates while closing loopholes and making the tax code fairer, simpler, and geared toward creating jobs?

NO – I’m in favor of repealing the 16th Amendment, abolishing the IRS, replacing it with nothing and returning to the original intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution which is “no direct federal taxation!

4.    Do you agree that the $16 trillion national debt is draining our economy and is a crushing burden on our kids and grandkids?


YES – But obviously you, Mr. Boehner, and the Republican controlled House do not, as you have provided every penny of deficit spending necessary to rack up that debt. (see U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 7 – “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” in other words, the House holds the purse strings)

5.    Do you agree that significant government spending cuts are needed to put America on a path to begin paying down debt?

YES – And you, Mr. Boehner, and the Republican controlled House “hold the purse strings,” so feel free to start cutting anytime.

6.    Do you support the House’s efforts to repeal ObamaCare, which is increasing costs, raising taxes, and making it harder for small business to hire?

NO – Attempting to repeal ObamaCare is a ruse intended to pacify conservatives. The Republican Party leadership has to be smart enough to realize that even if they pass a bill repealing ObamaCare in the House, the Senate will never pass it and the President won’t sign it. What I support is the House acknowledging that ObamaCare is un-Constitutional, then refusing to provide one penny of funding to any agency responsible for ObamaCare’s implementation – something that is fully within the power of the Republican controlled House to do.


7.    Do you support vigorous congressional oversight of the Obama administration to expose ObamaCare’s true impact on the economy?

NO – No more than I would support vigorous oversight of a rape. “JUST STOP IT BY REFUSING TO FUND IT!”

8.    Do you support American energy projects – like the Keystone XL pipeline – to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil and address high gas prices?

YES – And the way to accomplish it is by following the U.S. Constitution and eliminating the federal agencies and programs that regulate and control domestic oil production as opposed to what appears to be the Republican policy of keeping those un-Constitutional agencies, then making a federal issue out of trying to decide which projects (and companies) get the okay.

9.    Do you believe the “mainstream” media is biased against Republicans and our conservative policies?


NO – Republicans get as much air time as Democrats. The real bias is against any voice that overtly honors God, upholds the Constitution, or represents a threat to the establishment powers that be – those are the voices that are silenced. As for “Republicans and ‘our’ conservative policies,” the Republican Party abandoned the conservative policies of Goldwater and Reagan years ago, so how could the media be biased against you for policies that you don’t hold?

10.    Do you agree with the Republican position that any reforms to entitlement programs like Medicare should protect Americans currently 55 or older?

NO – I agree with the U.S. Constitution which provides for no such programs to be administered by the federal government in the first place. How can you “reform” something that is an inherent violation of the supreme law of the land? Nevertheless, as a matter of equity, anyone, regardless of age, who has paid into Social Security or Medicare, should get what they have been promised or be reimbursed what they have paid in, plus interest as necessary to offset inflation.’

11.    Has the Obama administration done enough to counter Iran’s drive to acquire a nuclear weapon?

How do you expect me to give a “YES or NO” answer as to whether one country has done enough to meddle in the affairs of another country in an attempt to prevent them from acquiring what there is no evidence they are trying to acquire? Both the International Atomic Energy Agency and a U.S. National Intelligence Estimate verify that Iran is not pursuing nuclear arms, but that doesn’t seem to deter those of us in the Christian-conservative-religious right from joining the Republican Party and John McCain in a chorus of “bomb, bomb, bomb… bomb, bomb Iran.” With Iran’s recent election of what appears to be a more moderate President, and what one article calls the “Greatest Christian Revival in the World” now taking place in Iran, it would seem the Christian-conservative-right should be focused on praying for and supporting the Christian movement in Iran rather than worrying about bombing a weapons program that there is no evidence even exists.


12.    Should securing the border and enforcing our laws be critical first steps in reforming immigration policy?

To which I answer, “duh.” Nevertheless, given six years of complete control of all branches of our federal government from 2000 to 2006, the Republican Party failed to do this. And even now, Republican leaders appear to be working behind the scenes to push through amnesty for illegal aliens.

13.    Do you support allowing parents the freedom to send their children to the school of their choice be it public, parochial or private?

YES – And a good first step toward that kind of educational freedom would be to abolish and/or defund the federal Department of Education which you, Mr. Boehner, and the House Republicans have in your power to do. The next step would be for states to abolish compulsory education (which flies in the face of both Biblical principle and the 13th Amendment), eliminate the taxes that have been used to support it and return the matter of education to parents, churches, charities and communities. Currently 24 states are under complete Republican control (governor and majority in the legislature – more than twice as many states as Democrats control) and could do this tomorrow if they wanted – but evidently they don’t really want to.

14.    Generally speaking, would you say that things in America are on the right track?


NO – If by “on the right track” you mean (as I do), honoring God, observing Biblical values, upholding the U.S. Constitution according to its plain text and original intent and observing the principles of liberty held in esteem by our nation’s founders, then no, America is not on the right track now and was not on the right track under the Bush administration, nor under the Republican controlled Congress of 1994 to 2006, nor under Clinton, nor the Democrat controlled congress prior to 1994, nor under George H.W. “new world order” Bush, or….

15.    Are you committed to supporting the efforts of Republicans in the House of Representatives to advance innovative, pro-growth economic policies?

NO – Seeing as the Republicans have done nothing to demonstrate to me that they have any innovative, pro-growth economic policies and further seeing that the only proven, pro-growth economic policies that the U.S. Constitution authorizes, are free market economics, gold backed money and a balanced budget, none of which the Republicans appear to be interested in. They had from 2000 to 2006 under Bush and a Republican Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve and re-institute Constitutionally prescribed money and even now the Republican controlled House has it in their power to balance the budget.

Summing up

So there you have it, the record set straight and the truth about Republicans published far and wide just like Mr. Boehner requested.

I’m not writing this just to whack on Republicans, be negative, nasty or mean-spirited. I’m trying to provoke us to start exercising critical thinking skills, get brutally honest with ourselves and admit that the Republican bus is headed in the wrong direction.


I realize there are a lot of nice, well meaning people in the Republican Party – some of whom have even been elected to office. But it doesn’t change the fact that the party as a whole (as measured by its leadership and the results realized by electing Republican majorities) has been holding the Christian-conservative-right hostage on a bus that is careening down an un-Constitutional, and increasingly un-Biblical, path of big government, deficit spending and socialistic programs. The Republican bus has departed the Constitutional path and is traveling a road warned against by our nation’s founders.

I’m trying to warn us that it’s time to “GET OFF THE BUS!” And for the love of God – and for the love of liberty – stop putting gas in the tank by responding to gimmick fundraising letters like this “survey.”

It’s time to disembark a bus that has taken a wrong fork in the road and begin the long walk back to the Biblical and Constitutional path. It will require courage. It will require walking the path even when you feel you’re all alone – though you’re not. It will require withholding your support of, and association with, any candidates or political entities that do not truly and faithfully embody the values admonished by the founders. It will require placing principle before party loyalty. It will require returning to the Biblically and Constitutionally prescribed standard and supporting and voting for only those who are willing to join you under that banner. It will require a commitment to boldly and publicly Honor God, Defend the Family, and Restore the Constitutional Republic.

If you agree with the content of this article, please forward, post and publish far and wide. If you don’t, who will?

Reprinted from the Constitution Party of Washington, by permission.



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Bob Peck is a Christian, Constitutionist and political activist who serves as the chairman of the Constitution Party of Washington and is a member of the Constitution Party National Committee. Bob lives in Spokane Valley, Washington where he is a landlord-handyman. If, like Bob, you find yourself feeling betrayed by a two party duopoly that no longer represents your values, then check out the Constitution Party at or call 1-800-2VETOIRS and ask for a free information packet.

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