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Obama cornered and dangerous



Barack Obama in a happier, more brazen, time for him.

This past week has once again revealed some quite startling news.  Most of which has been ignored, as usual, by the main stream media and to some extent even by pundits on the right.  As new polls show Obama has slipped in the polls to even lower approval ratings than George W. Bush had after 8 years of relentless attacks from local, national and international news services, the same orgasmic reportage’ concerning Bush’s ratings, seems not to arouse them.

A cornered Obama – and a fatality

Obama cornered and dangerousOther news that even Drudge found to be not news, his website never even posted a headline on it, was that fact that yet another person involved with the fraud and corruption of Obama has assumed her place in eternal silence. Loretta Fuddy, the only human being who has claimed to have seen Obama’s original birth certificate was allowed to drown, or even worse, when the plane she was in glided into the ocean just after takeoff.

This report is not about Fuddy’s death but if anyone wants to see just how odorous this is, please read this linked article. (Editor’s note: you might also want to read this.)

Many of those whom TPATH has contact with are excited that Obama’s lies and deceptions are finally “Coming home to roost”, to coin a phrase.  To a person they all think these new poll numbers will weaken Obama, fortify the spineless RINOs and have the ultimate effect of keeping him, in his last three years, from continuing his intentional destruction of America.

Maybe so, but maybe not!

In fact, his poll numbers could actually precipitate disaster.


A little history

First a little history.  Of Communism that is.  For well over a hundred years world Communism has murdered, slaughtered and starved to death millions upon millions of their own people in order to get and keep control of even the poorest of third world countries.  And without a peep from the so called Democracies of the world.  At least until long after the genocide had been completed and the mass graves bulldozed in.

Anyone who has watched Obama over these last years and his meteoric rise from near obscurity, to having circumvented our Constitution and our laws, cowered judges and politicians alike, knows he is not comprised of all that brilliance.  In fact, every time he opens his mouth without a pre-scripted fabrication of the truth, the meter on his intellectual capacity indicates half full.

These few questions below need to be asked and answered:

  1. How did he do it?
  2. Who or what facilitated it?
  3. Why was he chosen?

The world may never know for sure, but all the evidence points to a very, very powerful organization being behind this.  It could be that much talked about and feared New World Order or it could be a group of organized communists seeking to destroy their only obstacle to world domination, the United States.

If an organization were to undertake the dismantling of a country, it’s laws and it’s culture and do it from within as opposed to a declaration of war, the plan would need to be a stealthy one.  One that could proceed under the camouflage of a guilt ridden civilization.  Only a modern black male, using the misery of his brethren ravished of slavery and injustice, could orate a policy while implementing the exact opposite of it.

That circumvention would continue, steadily, quietly under threat of inculpation of racism, until it’s reversal was not possible.  This of course is precisely what has been happening.  The fear now however, is that if we are not already at the point of no return, we for sure, are very close.


Back now to the question of Obama’s popularity being in the dumpster and whether or not America will be better off as a result.  Surely, if he were a Republican or even a white male or female in the Socialist Democratic Party the threat of his policies would have been, long ago, severely diminished as the people realized they could not believe or trust him.  There is an old adage in politics.

The only thing that can’t be repaired is a man’s broken word.

Except for one thing.

Once the people have decided their leader is a liar, there is only one thing that will ever bring such a person back into the good graces of the people.  Some major catastrophe such as war or a terrorist attack where he is perceived to be the savior.  The right speech, the right words from a leader, at the right time, would instantly re-elevate his standing.

For sure, much of this is speculation, even though there seems not to be any other viable explanation.  The question which next needs to be asked is this.  If this world Communist organization, after decades of murder and mayhem, subversion of countless small and large governments, which now has been able to put an agent in place and in control of the most powerful and wealthy nation the world has ever seen, will they simply accept defeat or term limits? Will they walk away from the biggest prize on the world stage?

Or, will they do whatever they need to do, at whatever cost, in lives or material, in order to keep and maintain control?  If this is true, the drop in Obama’s support could actually be a very dangerous situation.  The only thing more dangerous than a cornered animal is a cornered politician.  Executive orders, the arming of the DHS, replacing top military officers, diminishing the ability to supply power to the grid, systematically destroying the dollar and preventing security on our borders, may all have been set in place in preparation to hold the prize.

As we told you last week, a monumental revelation concerning Obama is about to become known. (Editor’s note: could it have to do with this?)  This revelation may not end Obama but in fact force him and his organization to pull the trigger.  If that happens only the people will stand between that cornered politician and the future of our republic.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Tonto USA

No telling what Obama will do. Every crisis detrimental to the Obama regime, they invent another crisis to take the heat off the real deal. If he really gets pressed, he’ll get the cities to erupt, by getting the “entitled” to riot so he can declare Martial Law. Hope he does, cause then we can kick his nuts in.

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