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Paul Ryan: Bipartisanship at work



The National Debt Clock - the forgotten fact in the fiscal cliff drama

If there were any doubts that one of America’s perceived conservative leaders of the future, is nothing more than just another spineless “go along to get along” establishment Republican, RINO Paul Ryan’s budget deal with the Socialist Democratic Party has unquestionably confirmed those doubts.

Scary history of debt and Democrats

Before we go into some of the numbers, historical facts and the calculated prognostications which should scare the daylights out of anyone concerned about the future of this country and what life will be like for posterity, a few words about bi-partisanship and what it actually accomplishes.

Is Paul Ryan no better than the cheap gangsters in this cartoon?First, as everyone knows, the Democratic Party is Socialist by design.  That is, it requires the support of large numbers of covetous voters.  To succeed in this ploy they need to make multiple promises to multiple special interest groups, regardless of cost or resources.  The perception of caring more than the other party cares, is its only objective. If the entire economic structure is put into peril by these promises,  it is of no concern.  Getting and holding onto power is the only thing that matters.  Period!

Understanding this, one can also understand the complicity the Republican Party shares in this process. Every time the Republicans move another step to the left, to prove bi-partisanship,  the the Socialist Democratic Party, in order to maintain a perceived and more compassionate agenda will move even further to the left.  This has been going on for decades now.   The Democrats will move as far to the left as they need to, in order to create a separation, a difference.   It is how they get elected.

Let’s look at government spending over the recent decades as well as how it relates to the distant past.

It is difficult to defend the spending that occurred during George W. Bush’s 8 years in office and I for one am not going to try.  But when the numbers are compared with the facts, the real culprits are not difficult to identify.   The following data will show that dangerous spending and “working with” Democrats is the worst thing for this country that the Republicans could have done.  But do it they have and do it they will.

As one reads these numbers it is important to understand two things:

  1. These national debt numbers represent the amount of money your government has spent, that it did not have.  Not what it has spent.  What it did not have.
  2. It is difficult for most people to comprehend just how big a number 1 trillion is.  So here is a visual that may help.  As incomprehensible as this sounds, these calculations are correct and have been checked and double checked…..  If one were to lay $100 dollar bills, end to end at the equator and laid them out until they totaled $7.2 Trillion, they would circle the earth over 540 times.

Now for some numbers:

When GWB took office the National Debt was $5.622 Trillion.  This represented all the debt America had acquired since just before George Washington took office.

After the first 6 years of GWB the country added $3.058 Trillion to the debt.  Certainly not good, but look at what happened in the last two years of his presidency when he decided to cave in and get along with the Democrats who had taken control of both houses of Congress.

Those last 2 years, Bush and the Democrats added yet another $2 Trillion.  So in just two years of getting along, almost as much debt was added then, as in all of the first 6 years.

When Obama took office the National Debt stood at $10.699 Trillion.  As of the close of 2013 Obama had added an astounding $7 Trillion to the debt finishing the year at $17.275 Trillion.  To put it another way, Obama has added $1.400 Trillion more to the National Debt, in just 5 years, than all the Presidents from 1775 to 2000, combined.

Every single 24 hour day Obama’s spending is adding over $3 Billion to the debt.

Every hour another $130 Million is added to the debt.


Every minute over $2 Million is added to the debt.

The average American needs to work 50 weeks in order to clear just $36,000.  Obama is adding that amount to our National debt every single second of every single day, 365 days a year.

Even if no one in either political party seems to be concerned about this, common sense should ask, how long can this madness go on until the entire economic system collapses?

How much longer will the Republican Party endeavor to show they are non confrontational and allow this to continue?

A few good questions for Mr. Paul Ryan should be:

  1. Where is the morality or the patriotism in agreeing to cut benefits from our Veterans while ignoring the $3 Billion being added to our debt every single day?
  2. Does agreeing to reduce the National Debt by $23 Billion over a ten year period hold any significance when the national debt is being increased by that amount every 6 weeks?
  3. Do you Mr. Ryan or anyone really believe that even those cuts will ever be made?
  4. With our debt sitting at $17.3 Trillion at the moment, how does, using your estimates, adding $8 Trillion more in the next 10 years, equate to a reduction of anything except for those veterans, who will actually get benefit cuts?

A total collapse of the dollar, the American economy and the annihilation of the middle classes will quickly put an end to government spending.   But it will also put an end to civilization as the real  “Hunger Games” begin.  And you, Mr. Phony Conservative, Representative RINO Paul Ryan, and your Republican establishment cronies will be just as guilty and culpable as the Socialist Democratic Party you chose to get along with.

Finally, as each of you look at these numbers they will seem so extreme to you that you will deny they could be factual, please ask yourselves, who and what it is that represents extremism and radicalism.  Those who will defend and extend these policies or those in the Tea Party movement who want to see an end to it?



If anyone cares to dispute our calculations you are welcome to do your own.  Monitor the minute by minute increase in the National Debt and watch as $3 Billion are added each day.

For backup on the previous annual totals of the National Debt click here:

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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