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The board is nailed



A typical Muslim national flag: a crescent and star on a green field. Muslims use gradualism to extend this flag worldwide. Ironically, Islam also practices ioperational atheism with its absolute determinism.

The Daily Iowan Editorial Board appears to have fallen prey to some very dangerous rhetoric – as though influenced by an un-American entity. Rather than provide an overview or opinion, their editorial presents a plethora of deceitful statements in defense of Islamic sharia law – preaching that it is compatible with religious liberty.

Sharia law is religious freedom? Whom do the board think they’re kidding?

The Board began with an objection to a statement by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R), which was, “America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created America.” Iowans, it is because of our Founding Fathers’ understanding about our sacrosanct, inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that they left their oppressive homeland and established a republic, America, in which to enjoy those rights – so it is their religious liberty that created America.

Their second brainstorm suggested that sharia be included with international law! International law is legal rules, regulations, and guidelines by which countries will interact with each other to solve international disputes. It does NOT mean that every country should cede its individuality and its citizens’ rights to a body – the United Nations, no less – that will impose its decisions and edicts over the entire world.

The UN is most often a biased, tyrannical assemblage whose Islamic voting block frequently overlooks the truths in the Middle East. The Organization of Islamic Conference of the UN pressures the rest of the countries to impose worldwide limits on free speech, limits demanded by sharia. Islamic countries are home to harshly dominated, long-suffering citizens who live with poverty, illiteracy, severe restrictions, enslavement, and the most sadistically brutal, barbaric behavior of any classification of creatures. Their sharia must never be imposed on others.

The Board submitted that opposition to sharia law is opposition to religious freedom; this is blatant propaganda. Under sharia, there is no freedom of religion, speech, thought, artistic expression, press, equality of people or equal justice for different classes. Sharia is the antithesis of democracy and its purpose is to ban laws that conflict with dictatorial Islam. Sharia would destroy our American Constitution.

  • Because of Islamic sharia, traditional invocations at Friday night high school football games were banned in Santa Fe, Texas; a science teacher in Ohio was fired for having a classroom Bible; a New Jersey high school coach was banned from praying before a football game; prayer around a school flagpole was banned in Clay County, Florida; the Ten Commandments were removed from schools in Muldrow, Oklahoma; some Texans were told that flying their American flags was offensive – in America! Some schools are yielding to removing lunchroom foods that Muslims find offensive.
  • Sharia succeeds when Americans do not speak out. Islamized textbooks are used to indoctrinate students; jihad is being taught in California; schoolgirls were forced to wear full burqas in some states; some students were required to “become Muslims for two weeks and learn prayers; and Ohio students were taken, sans parental permission, on a field trip to pray in a mosque.
  • Because of sharia, our children are being taught that Moses and Jesus were Muslim; that Muslims, not Christopher Columbus, discovered America; that the Qur’an is the final revelation and Mohammed the prophet; that when Muslims kill and take land, it is “building an empire”; when Christians take their land back, it is “violence” and “massacres”; and when Israelis protect their country, it is “massacres” and “apartheid.” If 9/11 is mentioned at all, the terrorists remain unidentified.

What is Islam really about?

The Daily Iowan editorial board makes a bad choice of causes.

The crescent moon and star of Islam

The board has declared unequivocally that sharia is more concerned with the laws of personal religious observance than national policy, and concluded that opposition to sharia is unnecessary. This appears to be more than rhetoric by the ignorentsia, but a wilful denial of the truth about Islam with the intent to create an ill-informed, malleable population for easy subjugation. (Read Sharia for Non-Muslims, produced by the Center for the Study of Political Islam.)

“Islam” as defined by Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, “is an all-embracing concept which regulates every aspect of life . . . a duty incumbent on every Muslim to struggle toward the aim of making every people Muslim and the whole world Islamic, so that the banner of Islam can flutter over the earth. By their own admission, the ultimate goal of Islam is to “establish an Islamic government on earth,” by the sword, if necessary, to eliminate Western Civilization. The “extremists” are following standard, mainstream Islamic doctrine. There is no “fringe” of intolerance, hatred and violence against non-Muslims. This is Islam.

Jihad (war, by violence or stealth) is part of sharia, and it means war against Kafirs (non-Muslims) to establish Islamic law in the land. It is a universal, eternal, and communal obligation for all sane able-bodied men. In their own words:

Koran 4:89 They would have you become kafirs like them so you will all be the same. Therefore, do not take any of them as friends until they have abandoned their homes to fight for Allah’s cause [jihad]. But if they turn back, find them and kill them wherever they are.

[Muslim 0010031] Mohammed: I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah.

[Bukhari 4,52,142] Mohammed: To battle kafirs in jihad for even one day is greater than the entire earth and everything on it.

“Islamophobia” and Islamophilia

The Board implements the accusation of Islamophobia, which is a recognized means of restricting speech, intimidating to silence criticism and withhold knowledge about the ferocity of Islam. The Human Rights Council does likewise to keep the Western world from grasping that most atrocities are committed in the name of Islam, including female genital mutilation, stoning women to death, chopping limbs and heads, enslavement of women and children, and much more, and that since 9/11, more than 23,260 terror attacks to date were committed by Muslims.

Islamophobia also thwarts the FBI from monitoring suspected terrorists, the media from revealing criminal activity, and the masses from grasping that although only a “small percentage” will admit to being Muslim, the “moderates” are changing the nature of America by stealth – through our schoolchildren; through restrictions, accommodations and legal channels; through the indoctrination spewed in the growing number of mosques, and through the uninformed apologists who try to insinuate foreign laws into our courts.

Despite population percentages reported, Muslims in the West are increasingly demanding that Americans adapt to their culture and activities. With their persistence, the accommodations increase, so the “moderates” are making inroads without violence – for now. They could also be quietly plotting the next disaster.

As noted in Andrew C. McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad, How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, of Islam’s approximately 1.4 billion adherents worldwide, there could reasonably be hundreds of millions globally with the potential of becoming radical as needs arise. The Pew Research Center found, in 2007, that 13 percent of Muslims in America believe suicide bombings against civilians to be justifiable. If there are perhaps a mere three million Muslims in the United States, that percentage is close to a half-million people – and it took only 19 to kill 3,000 on September 11.

Cultures are not equal, religions are not equal, and our tolerance of Islamic intolerance will lead to our destruction. Under the guise of acceptance and accommodation, we are being asked to change and lose what keeps us free Americans. When the stranger adjusts to the host culture, it is adaptation and assimilation; when the host changes for the stranger, it is conquest. We may be welcoming to a point, but the door must swing both ways.

Finally, the board was offended that a “community center” to be built on Ground Zero was called a “symbol of Islamic conquest.” The label is appropriate inasmuch as the Muslims insisted it be erected at the point where their co-religionists killed Americans. In fact, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf intended to name it the Mosque of Cordoba, an attribution to the “Golden Era” when Muslims ruled Spain cruelly, until the Imam was silenced. This was not to be a community center, and the board expressed no offense at the slaughter of our three thousand.

Bad influence

So what is the takeaway from their Idiotorial? This board has been influenced by the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism case involving funding for Hamas. Sami al-Arian, considered a moderate professor at the University of South Florida, pled guilty to conducting stealth operations and to a charge of conspiracy to aid Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the aforementioned terrorism case.

They are dedicated to Islamic supremacism and dominance in the US, and the “only accepted religion on earth.” Their goals are to encourage Americans to downplay anti-terror initiatives, accommodate Muslim practices, and make special exceptions for Islamic (sharia) law, while using cries of “bigotry” to thwart resistance.

Can you imagine having Americans’ willing to forfeit American values and freedoms in exchange for sharia over our land? This board would! We must never permit foreign laws in American courts. This is a betrayal of epic proportions.

Fight for American Laws in American Courts.

<a href="" title="The board is nailed">The board is nailed</a>


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Author of “Confronting the Deception,” Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appeared on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others.

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