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The arsonist or fire starter, the most vile of all creatures who dwell on this planet, come in two basic forms.

Two gains for the fire starter: primary and secondary

The first of the two types is a person devoid of compassion. He is self centered and for some ungodly reason has developed a desire, a passion to see destruction, death and misery consumed by an inferno of his making.

The second type is the mercenary. The hired arsonist who has contracted for the demise and ruin of people, places and institutions; for profit.  Both are evil and despicable organisms devoid of empathy or the ability to sense any level of guilt.

Rare is the individual who encompasses both of these characteristics.  He who enjoys the preparation, the art, and the act, as well as profiting from it, is the true Fire Starter.

Metaphorically speaking, not just Americans but people across this globe, have been subjected to and are living with the impending results of the most vicious Fire Starter since the evil decades of the 30’s and 40’s of the twentieth century.

Obama as Fire Starter

The Fire Starter - ObamaFrom the very beginning of his usurpation, his unlawful and unconstitutional acquisition of the office of the Presidency, his fire starting began.  Like a devilish imp, vacuous of concern of or for those plighted, he starts a small little fire, making sure enough tinder is nearby to feed its growth, he then moves on, perceived in innocence and blamelessness, and ignites another seemingly harmless flame, in yet other volatile hot spot.

Now, after just four years short of a decade, these fires here and around the world, having been strategically located and sufficiently inflamed  have grown out of control and are merging into a single massive fire storm which may well engulf our planet in a conflagration of war and economic collapse.

For those volunteer fire fighters, better known as Tea Party patriots, who have been investigating these fires, warning of the ones to come, while working under the continuous assault from the left, progressive RINOs and the Marxist media, the following list of the Fire Starter’s accomplishments will be of no surprise.  So here are just a few, summarized for the sake of compassion, for our readers:


  • The instigation of racial strife by striking a match to a local law enforcement situation involving a white policeman and a black civilian.
  • Hiring an incompetent, white hating race hustler to be the US Attorney’s General who then promptly announced that white people were “cowards” and followed that up by refusing to prosecute blacks for election law violations.
  • Inserted himself in the Trayvon  Martin case by telling blacks, while in cahoots with the media, that a “white Hispanic” murdered an innocent little boy who could very well look like his son.
  • Tried to divide the people of this country by asserting those who believed in God and the Constitution were against him because of the color of his skin as opposed to the color of his politics.
  • In an effort to blame American Gun Dealers so as to help disarm American citizens, he handed out assault weapons to Mexican drug lords which resulted in the death of at least one border agent and many hundreds of civilians.
  • He hired and associated with Communists, radical Muslims and known terrorists while using the IRS to persecute, with the help of the NSA, conservative groups and people.
  • He has shut down power plants, interfered with drilling for oil on government land and has refused to allow the installation of an oil pipe line which would help keep American dollars from flowing into the hands of Islamic and Communist regimes.
  • He has put this country on the brink of economic collapse by allowing the Fed to create 70 billion dollars of debt, each month, for the past 6 years.
  • He has ruined our healthcare system and turned unemployment into a lifelong welfare program.
  • While berating the producers in this country for not paying their fair share, he has shoveled billions of dollars to Wall Street fat cats and global warming hucksters.
  • Created mayhem, misery and tragedy by not only failing to secure our borders but encouraging South and Central American countries to invade them.
  • Okay, there are more domestic brush fires, many more in fact. But we have to move on.


  • Began his apology tour in which he blamed America for arrogance by interfering with despots, Communist dictators and Islamic terrorists. This tour showed the world, intentionally, his fecklessness, his ignorance and his apparent failure to comprehend even the basics of world politics.
  • He removed, without commitment or compensation, a missile system from Georgia which had been negotiated and installed there to deter any possible Russian aggression.
  • He threatened Syria and then backed down, showing the world he has no intention of having America stand by her word.
  • He removed the Libyan dictator, who had not presented the world with any trouble since Ronald Reagan sent him a clear message.  As a result, Qaddaffi was murdered in the street, Libya has fallen into the hands of several Islamic groups and chaos reigns.
  • He has failed to take a stand against Putin and his policy of reconstituting the Soviet Union.
  • He helped the Muslim Brotherhood depose the leader of Egypt who had spent years working with the West in trying to curtail radical Islam.
  • He has ignored Chinese saber rattling and aggressive control of the seas in and around Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
  • There was no response to, except to blame an American film maker, the death of our American Ambassador and several other heroes after he allowed them to be slaughtered in Benghazi.
  • He wasted the lives, material and the effort that America expended in Iraq by pulling out before the job was completed.
  • Everyday he is throwing away more American lives and resources in Afghanistan by keeping them there after having announced we have been defeated and will be leaving.
  • He has continued to allow Iran to build atomic weapons, transfer missiles, rockets and arms to Hamas for their stated and intended goal of wiping out Israel.
  • He is arming terrorists in Syria with weapons and ammunition.  These are the same killers who belong to and are aligned with ISIS, which is slaughtering Iraqi soldiers and civilians daily.
  • Okay, there are more international brush fires. Many more. But…., let’s move on.

As we ponder these wildfires, as well as the many not mentioned here, one might be inclined to suppose, maybe this guy is just incompetent and careless with his matches. But, as bad as that might be, it’s not the case.  All of this, all the fires he has started, all the flames being fanned, are the result of a master plan to take down America and her way of life.

While it is certain the Fire Starter has been enjoying the scars he has inflicted on this country, there is more to it.  Someday the world will uncover the plot and the profits which have fueled and rewarded this arsonist.  This worst of all arsonists, the Fire Starter.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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