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Gov. Christie, who are you?



Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Dear Governor Christie: the scope and intent of this open letter is not meant to disparage you unfairly.  But…in respect to all which has occurred during your tenure, what you have done and not done, things you have said and not said, these two questions beg for answers:

Governor Christie, who are you and where are you?

As you are aware, patriotic groups supported you and worked to get votes out for you in your first general election to be governor.  They worked for your reelection, albeit not quite as forcefully as the first.  Much in your first 4 years earned that diminished fervor.

It’s understood that being a successful politician requires a certain amount of give and take, compromise and acquiescence.  But those rules of the game should never be allowed to invade, destroy or subvert one’s inner core beliefs or moral values.

The left in this country survives on such deception and could not exist without it being woven though every part of their agenda.  On the other hand, the Republican Establishment, in which you Sir are well entrenched, is generally spineless and while the leadership may have some core values, they find it very difficult to dredge up the courage to espouse or defend them.

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Conservatives, true conservatives, which the Tea Party and other patriotic groups are mostly comprised of, refuse to permit the ruination of this country’s culture and her freedoms in the course of obtaining or maintaining political stature.  It’s not a big leap of comprehension to see why both parties, yours and the left’s, feel threatened by and hence, detest those conservative groups.

As we lead up to the biggest part of the question, –Who are you?-, let us reflect upon some of your curious and befuddling statements, actions and of course, non-actions.

  1. Until the Tea Party here in NJ informed you that they understood RGGI (New Jersey’s own global warming hoax) for what it is, nothing more than a hidden tax on the middle class, you were all for it.  It’s doubtful you were not aware of this and it appears that you backed off only when you realized the people would be apprised.
  2. Your “Bromance at the Shore” has clubbed you sufficiently but as of now it is still very difficult for most people to comprehend it or forgive it.  Especially since many of the people you supposedly wanted to help were forgotten and ignored.  Bankruptcy was the only answer for many. The bottom line on this sorry episode is that you stroked Obama, you made sweet promises of love and compassion to the people of New Jersey, but you only succeeded in helping Obama screw the entire country.
  3. Your order for a special election, which wasted several million tax payer dollars that would not have had to be spent if you only appointed a Republican to finish out Frank R. Lautenberg’s U.S. Senate term, was yet another curious move for a person who is (was?) a Republican.  Especially since, if you will recall, Lautenberg was illegally allowed to run for that seat when the deadline had passed for his inclusion on the ballot.
  4. Joining with Governor Cuomo in preventing a natural gas pipeline into New Jersey which would  have helped the lower middle income earners with cheaper energy prices raises yet more questions about who you really are.
  5. And then there was the anomalistic “confession” that you admired and agreed with Governor Cuomo on about 90% of his positions.  That is worrisome Governor, since Cuomo is a 100% liberal.
  6. Just this past week, you announced you have no position or thoughts and will issue no statements on the immigration mess this state and country are embroiled in.  At least not unless and until you announce your plans to run for President.  Did we miss something?  Are you not an elected official.  Are you not responsible to the people of New Jersey in this matter?   Or is your only goal the preservation of your political position? Are we not entitled to the leadership we elected you for, regardless of whether you will or will not run for President?
  7. The office you hold requires that you take an oath to protect the United States Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights.  That oath did not include the phrase, “provided that protection does not interfere with my political future”.

Which brings us to the ultimate question:

Who are you, Mr. Christie?  And where are you?

  • Where were you for over a year when Brian Aitkin was prosecuted and imprisoned on a ridiculous weapons charge?  Yes, we know you eventually got around to letting him go free.  What took so long?
  • During the past two years the socialist NJ Senate and Assembly spent millions of dollars and important time creating gun laws which violated not only their oaths of office, but yours.  Yes, we know you vetoed some of them and passed some others.  Was this yet another compromise for your personal benefit?
  • Then, these same leftists decided to waste more tax payer’s money, more of their own precious “law making time” and began yet another assault on our rights.  The effort this time was to prevent hunters, sportsman and protectors of family and property from being able to have enough ammunition capacity in their weapons to be effective.  They were wasting time on an unconstitutional law, which over night would have made millions of New Jersey citizens, criminals.
  • Where were you when this was occurring?  Why did you not tell them to stop throwing hard earned tax dollars out the window if you knew you would veto it?  Yes, you did veto it, but at what cost?
  • Now Governor, we have another example of unconstitutional laws persecuting an American citizen. Shaneen Allen, a mother and sole provider of income and support for her two children has been anguishing in uncertainty for a year.  She spent over 40 days in a NJ jail cell and is being bullied by a so called Republican Administration and threatened with years of jail time unless she admits guilt and agrees to be forever classified as a felon.  Where are you on this travesty Mr. Christie?

Governor, the state of New Jersey and you, continue to be in violation of Federal law and the Constitution you have sworn to defend.

Examples of violations of Constitutional law

Governor Christie, who are you? Where are you?The most liberal federal panel of justices in this country, the 9th District Court, has unanimously ruled that laws infringing on ownership of firearms, such as those on the books in NJ and other liberal states, are in violation of the Constitution.  Last year the Supreme Court ruled against Chicago’s ban on concealed carry.  Just his summer another Federal Judge ruled that any person, not being a felon who owned a legal firearm is legally permitted to carry it in any state in this country.

Ms. Allen is yet another example of how the outrageous gun laws here in NJ are meant to intimidate honest citizens into giving up their rights while doing nothing to prevent vermin from raping, steeling and killing.

As you know, at least we hope you are aware, Ms. Allen is an African American who has been robbed and threatened in her home and on the street.  She did all the right things that Pennsylvania required to legally secure and own a tool of protection.  She was not aware that when crossing into the Socialist State of New Jersey, her rights no longer existed.  She obeyed the law of PA which required her to inform any policeman she had dealings with by announcing she had her weapon with her and that she was licensed to have it.  Your police state, Governor, then arrested her.

Even if your thinking has been clouded by the thought of national aspirations and you have fooled yourself into believing that the gun laws here in NJ are not unconstitutional and do not violate the 2nd Amendment, our Constitution also provides for the Sovereignty of States and its citizens.  Your laws, we say your laws because you enforce them, create a felon of anyone convicted of even the most minor infraction.  Being a felon denies a citizen the right to vote.  New Jersey, by convicting Ms. Allen will violate the sovereignty of Pennsylvania and with it Shaneen’s.

Many hundreds of people die as a result of various daily activities ranging from car accidents, swimming, poor doctoring, falls and poisoning.  The percentage of deaths which can be attributed to legally owned fire arms is so small as to require several decimal places to define. Yet this state concerns itself with legal firearms to the extent that many hard working, otherwise law abiding  people, have been and and continue to be incarcerated for violating even the most minor of those unconstitutional laws and others are terrorized by their elected officials into accepting their fate at the hands of criminals for fear of breaking some idiotic gun law.

So we ask you again Governor.  Where are you?  Who are you?  Are you a conservative or merely borrowing the term for personal gain?  Will you step in and release Ms. Allen from the maltreatment inflicted upon her by the beautiful Garden State?

Will you work to bring New Jersey law into compliance with Federal rulings and demand our law makers begin to adhere to the constraints of our Constitution?

TPATH, TeamNJ and many citizens await your response.

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Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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