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Media & Dems: evil consortium



James Risen writes for this paper. Bari Weiss resigned from it. Risen told the Times what he thinks, and it is not pretty. More recently, Sarah Palin sued this paper for libel.

During the past 5 or more decades we have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of Progressivism.  The degradation of our society and our country, which began slowly and stealthily, has gone into overdrive with such torrents of speed it’s nearly impossible to track.

Unfortunately, in that battle the good has been swallowed up by the bad and the ugly. The sins of slothfulness, racism, disharmony, and envy have been fed and nurtured by an evil. Both the Democratic Party and the American media embody and foment that evil.  They have become that which they have purveyed.  EVIL!

Democrats and media cook up a crisis

When media play with a party in power, evil resultsThe Democratic Party and the main stream media, the Consortium of Evil, for many years now, have formed a malevolent team which has used people as fodder, hardships as tools and racism as a wedge. Their goal?  Power, money and control.  This, the most malicious form of greed, borders on treason.

These weeks just passed, America and the world has been embroiled in what is not the first example of treachery fabricated, fueled and ignited by the Consortium, but it might well be some of the most vile activity of their villainous history.

Ferguson! The mayhem, the destruction of property, the deaths, and the detrimental propagation of an ethnicity have all been intentionally fabricated.  The Democrats, ever mindful of never allowing a crisis to go to waste nor missing an opportunity to create one, consorted with the media which needs to slither in muck in order to sell newspapers and advertisements for TV, turned what should have been a one night local news story into a nightmare.

All of this should hang like a chain of Scarlet Letters around their collective necks.  The decimation of a community and the visual viciousness it has encompassed has been transmitted around the world.  All of it, needless.

Within 20 minutes, the police, the news media and community leaders knew or were quite certain what occurred in that street that night.  A man, a policeman, not the Police Force, not an armed band of black hating paramilitary personnel, but a man fearing for his life, shot and killed a 6′ 4″ 300 pound perpetrator who was aggressively approaching him after having attacked him just moments before.

The real Michael Brown, not the false image the media projected

The Gentle Giant enjoying an evening of mirth and glee.

Fabrication, misrepresentation, and misconstruction

But because the Consortium of Evil desperately needed yet another 24/7 news story and the Party was facing monumental losses in the upcoming elections, they chose to report, not what they knew had happened, but what the criminal associate of the slain aggressor told them. The after effects be damned.

There of course will be no end to this repulsive activity.  It goes unpunished. Why? Well over the last decades referenced above, the media and the Democratic Party were transformed into the Consortium of Evil as Democratic voters and viewers of the media remained complacent and apathetic as the organizations of their fathers were infested, day by day, year by year, with Progressive slime willing to stand by and watch people die, property destroyed and America damaged for their own benefit.

Our Founding Fathers, as brilliant and prescient as they were, could not have foreseen what has been wrought upon the Republic they fought and died for.

Are the America people waking up to the destructiveness of the Consortium of Evil?  There are signs they are.  This November, the midterm elections will be an indication, a barometer as to the direction we are headed.  There is a chance we can stop this.  But alas, there seems to be not much hope.

Patriots, we shall see.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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