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Voter fraud in North Carolina



Ballot box, symbol of elections. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this, and hopefully other kinds of voter fraud. If Donald Trump doesn't insist on this kind of backup, he'll likely lose the election.

Senator Kay Hagen (D-North Carolina) belongs to the Obama freshman class.  At last report she seems on track to return to the Senate for another term. But two separate investigations have uncovered voter fraud in North Carolina. Enough to call such a re-election into serious question, especially if it’s close.

Illegal immigrant encouraged to vote in North Carolina

The latest means of voter fraud: vote by mail

A voter votes by mail in Lane County, Oregon. Photo: Chris Phan on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

James O’Keefe ran the first investigation. According to, O’Keefe sent an undercover worker to go see Mr. Greg Amick. Mr. Amick ran the campaign for Irwin Carmichael. Mr. Carmichael, in turn, is running for sheriff of Mecklenburg County, as a Democrat.

Mr. O’Keefe’s employee told Mr. Amick she was not a citizen of the United States. In fact, she hinted she was in the country illegally. But Mr. Amick did not seem to care. He told her to register and vote anyway.

Mr. O’Keefe caught that conversation on video. He then shared that video with election authorities. Now Mr. Amick has resigned from the Carmichael campaign. And according to, the North Carolina Board of Elections wants to see that video, and promises to investigate.

Anyone not a citizen of the United States, who nevertheless votes in a federal election, breaks the law. And anyone who helps said non-citizen vote, also breaks the law.

Democrat lawyer in flagrante delicto

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Another muckraking videographer, calling himself Molotov Mitchell, ran the second investigation. Mr. Mitchell is more than a muckraker. He is running for the North Carolina State Senate. His opponent: Senator Josh Stein, D-16th District. Mr. Stein’s father Adam represents a group trying to overturn North Carolina’s voter ID law. That law is not even in force or effect, and will not be until the 2016 federal election.

Every State has rules saying no person may hand out campaign flyers, etc., within a certain distance of a polling place. Mr. Mitchell caught Adam Stein, on video, handing out campaign flyers well inside a posted boundary.

Drew Zahn, in his article for WND, gave other statistics:

In the Election of 2012, 35,000 people cast votes in North Carolina and also voted in other States in the same election. And some of thoses 35,000 voters were dead by then.

Worse yet, the North Carolina voter rolls list 700,000 registered voters with wrong addresses. Jay DeLancy heads the Voter Integrity Project. His group found those names. One of the names turned up at Molotov Mitchell’s home address.

Says DeLancy:

The fact is Bill Clinton created a law that has caused surplus registrations on the North Carolina roll of over 700,000 names – that’s 10 percent of our voter roll – people who no longer live at those addresses and no longer realize that they’re registered at those addresses. What I’m worried about is someone stealing those identities, just like they used to steal votes of dead people.

What was that law? The motor voter law, of course. You register to vote when you get a license to drive. People warned then that was an open invitation to voter fraud. The Voter Integrity Project just vindicated those people.

To sum up: voter fraud is real

The same people denying that voter fraud goes on in our elections, breaks other election laws. They also fly in the face of the evidence.

When a voter dies, his vote should die with him. It should not transfer to some illegal alien or other willing imposter willing to do a favor for the party in power.

When a voter moves from one State to another, his vote should move with him. It should not leave a copy of itself behind in his last State of residency for some corrupt election clerk to assign to another warm body.

Yet these things are happening. This is what voter fraud means.

Voter ID laws can make this much more difficult. Elections officers, when they do it right, can make voter fraud impossible if they want to. But: do they want to?

<a href="" title="Voter fraud in North Carolina">Voter fraud in North Carolina</a>

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