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Islam, no orange jumpsuits!



Map of Islam showing Israel by comparison.But that doesn't satisfy the squeaky wheel. Jihad is the means of extending that map to cover the world. Islamic imperialism has always been and still remains an integral part of Islam. Moral relativism will let this happen. Ironically, Islam is a kind of operational atheism with its absolute determinism.

Several months ago TPATH reported on the rise of Islamic terrorism around the world and the danger every country faces as the Islamists grow in strength and in numbers.  By all that made sense, the next 20 to 30 years appeared to be headed for bloodshed and very possibly the annihilation of Judeo-Christian cultures, from the Middle East through Western Europe.

Islam at war with the world

That article offered staid prognostication of big trouble looming for France, Denmark, England and Germany as their leaders were correctly predicted to continue to ignore the war long ago declared against them.  And that they would, by historical certainty, continue to permit murdering scum the free migration deep into the bowels of their countries. The relentless embedding of an army of Islamic Jihadists, which began 30 years prior, continues to this day, unimpeded.   It was and is clear, even as more an more of their citizens are slaughtered in the streets, those liberal governments would fail to recognize the war is being lost precedent to forming up for the first battle.

The Islamists understand that America will be the toughest battle and the biggest prize.  Their long term strategy has been, in many an eye, moved up in the world wide Jihad campaign with the arrival of a great and unexpected supporter now usurping the position of head of state of the Great Satan.  Testament to that assumption can be substantiated, simply by acknowledging the growth of Muslim communities, the construction of Islamic Mosques and establishment of gated compounds all across America.  If this proliferation were being done just for prayer and the freedom to worship Allah, Americans could not care less.  But they are here not to pray, but to murder and behead and eventually eliminate anyone not Muslim.  Is this harsh?  Anyone thinking this is some kind of unsubstantiated phobia, needs to do but one thing.  Ask them.

That Chief Muslim as well as the many traitors he has put into positions of power have not just allowed Islamists into this country, they have encouraged them to come here and even have had their passage paid for by the American taxpayer.  The very people who may soon find themselves peering into the cold, godless eyes of an Islamic suicide bomber.

Certainly many progressive politicians in America will be content to follow the same disastrous track as have the progressive leadership in Europe.  Even as they see the blood of “random folks” gushing down the gutters of our streets, as they have in Boston, California and New Jersey, they will continue to ignore the reality of Islam’s war with the West.  This war has been waged for centuries and it may seem that major battles are no longer being fought, but as some fools sleep at the wheel and traitors help grease the skids, Islam is planning, plotting  and preparing for our ultimate demise.

Islam infiltrates American government

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The Obama Administration, it would be hard to deny, has been an ally of those enemies as it has continuously endeavored to disguise the true and evil face of this enemy.  Islam is nothing more than an army of infiltrators, permeations of spies and soulless killers, who have cloaked themselves in the robes of peace while draining the life’s blood from the innocent and the defenseless.  Those leaders and politicians who have been lured in by this deception will continue to view Islam through rose-colored glasses until they themselves wake up one morning, when the color they see is not rose, but the color of  their very own orange jump suits, as they sit in an iron cage awaiting the strike of the last match they will ever see struck.

Besides aiding the infiltration of our country, what else has the Usurper been doing to ensure the successful take over of our culture?  What are the two major things that America has always had, from its birth and through most of her history?  The two things that make America different, that has made America exceptional are the two things that Obama has been working to end during the entire seven years he has been illegally occupying the Presidency of our country.  They are the two things that will defeat the Islamic invaders.  Guns and Guts.

Except for several forays into creating racial division, wasting taxpayer dollars on friends of Obama green energy boondoggles the major efforts of his unconstitutional stint have been directed at two campaigns. The first and dearest to his heart was his effort to disarm the America people.  If the America people are unarmed, they can’t use those arms against his people, the Islamic terrorists.  The second most important project was to create a nanny state which would turn men, believers in liberty and self-reliance into unarmed, welfare recipients who would drop to their knees and roll out prayer rugs at he first sight of Islamic butchers.

Islam: Obama's religion of peaceSo here is a message for all those involved in treasonous activity,  of subverting our Constitution, of paving the way for destruction of our culture as well as those invaders seeking to exploit the void which has opened up in our defenses during these past several years.

You have failed.
You have failed to leave us defenseless.
You have failed to create sheep who will bow at the feet of Islamists.
You will fail to take our country.  

The real men and women in this country will never kneel like sheep.  If  Muslims bring their terror to us, there may yet come a day when our shores are foamy red from the blood of the vanquished.  But it will taste of Islam.

God, guns, guts and liberty.
Woe be to those who might come to our land and challenge that.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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<a href="" title="Islam, no orange jumpsuits!">Islam, no orange jumpsuits!</a>

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