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To Ambassador John Bolton



Ambassador John Bolton.

To Ambassador John Bolton: In your March 20 newsletter, you stated that you are willing to do “absolutely anything to ensure that America is safe and strong,” indicating your intense disapproval of the negotiations the Obama regime has undertaken with the Iranian Republic, a nation which has murdered hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans over more than three decades.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus, who has been given a plea agreement concerning the alleged sharing of national security information with Paula Broadwell, has opined that “the biggest threat to long-term stability in Iraq isn’t the Islamic State — but instead, Iran-backed Shiite militias.”

Do Obama’s “unprecedented” actions suggest something more sinister than simply a “defeatist foreign policy?”

Who is Barack Obama, anyway?

Obama keeps his origins secret and displays his thin skin.Since a criminal investigation spanning more than three years has found that Barack Obama’s only purported credentials are fraudulent, we do not know the true identity or background of the person making life-or-death decisions involving Iran, a major purveyor of worldwide terrorism.

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio has termed his Cold Case Posse’s discovery of the fraudulent documents a matter of “national security” which the mainstream media, in its blind loyalty to its false god, has refused to independently investigate for the benefit of the American people.

As a result of the posse’s findings, Arpaio launched a second investigation whose results are as yet undisclosed.

Although several congressmen indicated an interest and even offered promises to expose the fraud which has maintained Obama in the White House, none kept his promise, to the detriment of the country and and its now-estranged allies.

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Since Obama has lied about everything from health care to the unemployment rate to ISIS’s status as a “JV team,” is it not possible that, given the “computer-generated forgeries” of his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form, he is harboring something sinister and harmful to the United States within his personal history?

Have you not noticed his penchant for Islam and unwillingness to acknowledge Islamic terrorism which beheads children, buries people alive, and throws alleged homosexuals off of tall buildings to their deaths?

Would exposing Obama’s ultimate fraud not be the solution to his continued destruction of America’s military, its relationships with other countries, and resolve to protect its own citizens?

Why would the White House have presented fraudulent documentation “with the intent to deceive” if Obama were who he says he is?

Is there not something strangely foreign and faux about Obama’s “presidency?”  Do his actions appear to be those of an American who loves his country, that is, the United States?  Or do the forgeries prove that which many of us have sensed from the beginning:  that he is a foreigner, that his “home country” is not the United States, and that he “did not have an American experience” during his formative years?

Is it possible that when Chris Matthews claimed on air in December 2007 that Obama was “born in Indonesia” and possessed “an Islamic background,” he was correct?

Ambassador John Bolton, where does your duty lie?

Ambassador John Bolton.Rather than attempting to fight Obama on his “unprecedented” and dangerous policies which threaten the conflagration of a Third World War, would you possess the conviction, after viewing the evidence, to publicly assist in exposing the root of the problem we now face?

With the threat of a nuclear holocaust unlike anything the world has ever seen as a result of Obama’s treason against the United States, would it not be worth risking attacks from the “liberal left” by “speaking the truth” so that our children and grandchildren might survive?

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Reprinted from The Post & Email and from TPATH. Used by permission.

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