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Marriage first, faith next



An 1875 marriage certificate. This represents part of our American cultural norms that come under attack on a broad front.

Last Friday (June 26) the Supreme Court of the United States nullified marriage as we know it. These “judges gone wild” left no basis in Constitution or law to stop polygamy (shall Utah and Nevada renege on their State admission agreements and reinstate the practice?), incest, bestiality (“heterospecial relations”), what have you. But the government clearly will not stop with this. Now it will persecute Americans who hold to the millennia-old Judeo-Christian faith. Let the war begin.

Obama gives warning

Our alien “President,” Barack Obama, gave people of faith an ultimatum in two steps. First he added rainbow colors to the White House Twitter avatar. Homosexual activists long ago adopted the rainbow, once a symbol of the Noachic Covenant, as their symbol. Second, he explicitly called on his fellow activists to “reach back and help others join [us].”

Today should also give us hope that on the many issues with which we grapple often painfully real change [can happen].

In other words: Christians (and observant Jews), your time has come to revise your Bible/Tanakh and ignore its clear commands against homosexual activity, and how it defines marriage. (The Daily Caller story has a link to a YouTube video of Obama making that speech. But the channel maintainer seems to have removed it. Still, Hillary Clinton’s own speech calling for “change” in religious beliefs, still shows.)

As an aside: the Southern Baptist Convention, three days before the ruling, resolved never to recognize “marriages” between same-sex roommates, or any law seeking to re-define marriage. Will they stick to that definition? This writer has direct, and sad, experience with nominally Southern Baptist pastoral officers, including two educated at Princeton Theological Seminary. They each abandoned key tenets of their faith. They let their church descend into subtle sexual sin. (Not the particular sexual sin we discuss today, but other, more subtle sins.) They then removed from church life all who tried to call such practices to account. This writer walked away from that church on the strength of that attitude and policy. CNAV takes anything the Southern Baptist Convention “resolves” with a grain of salt.

Where the government leads, others follow. Facebook offered a tool to help any user impose a rainbow background on his or her avatar. And one Paul Church, M.D., Professor of Urology (therefore “Andrology”) at Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, Mass.), now faces a discipline hearing at his hospital. How did he offend? By earning his patients not to indulge in certain practices. CNAV will not describe them. (To do so would render this site Not Safe For Work.) He told his patients, in effect: do you want to risk AIDS? Then keep on indulging. And for that the hospital’s autonomous medical-staff organization might throw him out.

And in Pennsylvania, the editorial board of a large consortium of newspapers now refuse to print any guest column or letter to the editor that opposes the concept of same-sex “marriage.”

Is marriage really so important?

Yes. Lay aside for now the health hazards of the gay lifestyle (especially for men, and going beyond AIDS). Children grow up and copy the attitudes of those who raise them. A boy growing up with “two daddies” or a girl growing up with “two mommies” will not see a healthy model of marriage, nor know, in his or her heart, that such a thing exists. Such a child will see a view of intimate relations, with a vicious twist.

And no, no human being is born homosexual. Some human being, or human beings, make them that way. Hidden-camera interviews reveal the most blatant such “making”: demands for sexual favors. Even without that, a person might turn his or her preference toward “people like him or her” (Greek homos alike) because he or she did not get enough of the right kind of love from one or the other parent, and subconsciously seeks a substitute. Professors of psychiatry once acknowledged that. (This writer knows, having read one of the old textbooks in medical school.)

Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas laid it on the line in his dissent. The government, he said, cannot bestow dignity on that which has none. The government acts arbitrarily by calling a rooming-in arrangement a “marriage.” Dave Daubenmire at Freedom Outpost agrees. Sin remains sin. When a church calls sin not-sin and dares promote or even accept “marriage” between same-sex roommates, it stops being a church in the eyes of God.

Do the American people really accept homosexual marriage?

Love and Marriage. Photo: Jim Hammer, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

Two Tennessee legislators already have introduced a “Pastor Protection Act.” They seek to protect pastors who insist that marriage is marriage, and sin is sin, and never the twain shall meet. And Governor Greg Abbot of Texas pledged to defend religious liberty in his State, as regards marriage and how to define it.

Anthony Martin at seems to fear a bloody civil war over the issue. Specifically he spoke of pastors going to prison for not officiating at same-sex “marriages.”

If any civil war does break out, it will break out in the next generation or two (if we have them), between Christians and Muslims–and specifically soldiers, spies, and saboteurs for the Islamic State. This same-sex “marriage” ruling will help ISIS gain even more recruits. The Christians must stay true to their faith if only to provide an effective opposition. (This government will not.)

But that assumes we will have more generations. CNAV does not fear civil war. Instead, God might “save the day by making it the Last.” C. S. Lewis suggested this in the close of his Chronicles of Narnia arc, The Last Battle. (Which also took place between analogs of Christians and Muslims.)

Until then, CNAV will defend marriage, and define it as God defined it: between one man and one woman. CNAV will also show definitively that we have a God, that God created the universe, the earth, and life, and that He ordained their controlling natural laws. And therefore–ahem, ahem–we ought to do as He says.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Ron Chronicle

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Ted Stites

Ted Stites liked this on Facebook.

Robert Houlst

It’s going to be an all out war attacking every Christians faith , the liberals sold their souls to satan long ago

Lynn Blair

Oh [**NSFW**]. You Christians are the persecutors, not the persecuted. You want to experience persecution? Try being an atheist for a day. I was fired from a job simply because a former boss found out I was an atheist (he was a very devout Campbellite). Atheists are not allowed to hold public office in seven states. Atheists have been evicted by their landlords, atheist children are routinely kicked out of their homes by their parents (and thus forced into foster care), among others.

I get so sick and tired of Christians crying “persecution” because they have no clue what that word means. To you [**NSFW**], “persecution” means “not being able to shove Christianity down everyone’s throat via the strong arm of the law.” Grow up.

Robert Houlst

I did grow up when as a college liberal I seen my grades drop due to my change to conservative values , if anyone is out to do harm to others and bring misery to the masses it is people like you liberals

Lynn Blair

I’m not a liberal I’m a libertarian.

Robert Houlst

A libertarian who hates Christians ?

I thought you guys were all about “live and let live” ?

Lynn Blair

I respect your right to hold your beliefs and practice your religion. I do not, however, respect your beliefs. I will stand by your right to refuse to marry same-sex couples and even refuse to offer your services to them (venues, wedding cakes, whatever), but I still think you’re [**NSFW**].

I don’t respect [**NSFW**], but I respect your right to be a[n] [**NSFW**].

Robert Houlst

Then you endorse the class action lawsuits the liberals are going to initiate on Christians ?

If you think freedom of religion is still a right , you are wrong.

Liberals respect nothing and this ruling only gives them cart Blanche to destroy all who are not liberals

Delude yourself if you want to

Lynn Blair

No, I do not endorse those lawsuits. I said you are free to run your business how you want. I know if I was in the business, there would be classes I would refuse my services to. I would only cater to homosexual and those few heterosexual couples who chose not to have children, because procreation goes against my “religious convitions” (I’m an antinatalist, meaning I believe existence is bad and that it would have been better never to have been born, so I would not offer my services to wannabreeders).

Deny your services to whomever you want. I don’t care. But I will not associate with you and I will call you what you are (**NSFW**).

Robert Houlst

Your a left leaning libertarian if you think calling a religious sacrament a human right is a good thing , All it does is open a Pandora’s box

Let’s see what you think about this subject a year from now

Lynn Blair

Marriage as a civil contract far predates Judeo-Christianity. Honestly, I would prefer the government not to license marriages at all, but if they are going to, they must offer the license to all marriages, regardless of arrangement or numbers (yes, I also favor plural marriage and incestuous relationships provided all parties are consenting adults).

Robert Houlst

I don’t agree that anyone should be fired for being an atheist , and it’s not Christian of anyone who does it , but few Christians are Christlike

Robert Houlst

I lean libertarian also , and am seriously thinking rand Paul may be the best choice avalable at this point in time . There has to be a return of individual freedom to the citizens of this country

Robert Houlst

Robert Houlst liked this on Facebook.

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