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2-1/2 cheers for Donald Trump



Donald Trump, pragmatist

Ya gotta hand it to Donald Trump: he’s made the contest between 15 or more patriotic American presidential candidates a theater of the absurd.

Donald Trump shows up the hypocrites

Donald Trump in 2011. He took on McCain. Maybe he's right.

Donald Trump speaking to the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference. Photo by Gage Skidmore; CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.

What makes these play actors most regrettable is their milquetoast attitude toward the on-going treachery of America’s Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama not only wants to bribe Iran, the spearhead of Islamic imperialism, with multi-billion dollars. He must know that this money will not only placate many Iranians. It will inevitably facilitate Shiite Iran’s nuclear weapons development program and thereby overawe the Sunni Muslim world.

At the same time, Barack Hussein Obama wants to adulterate and emasculate America by transforming it into a dumping ground for the undesirables of America’s southern neighbors, their indigents and criminals. And this Obama wants to do (and is doing) while opening the door to Muslims from the Middle East, Muslims who will support the sleeper cells their kinsmen have organized in various American cities. Obama is using the old Trojan horse strategy, while Americans are being distracted by their own political horseshow.

Perhaps this is why America needs an anti-intellectual blowhard like Donald Trump. Trump, an authentic American doer, may be the antidote to the stupefaction of Barack Hussein Obama, an anti-American clod.☼

Editor’s Note: the phrase play actor speaks volumes about the candidates to whom that phrase applies. The ancient Greeks used a specific word for an actor in a play: hypokrites, literally “the man under the mask.” From that word we get the modern English word hypocrite. That means one who says one thing and means another.

Donald Trump probably contributes most to the 2016 Presidential election cycle, by exposing most of those running against him, as hypocrites. Play actors thus becomes a highly appropriate phrase.

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