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Muhammad, Islam and Obama



Seal of the Islamic State, the face of Islam today. Islam is not religion but politics pretending to be religion. This is the secret of Islamic imperialism. Is Obama their secret ally, fostering Muslim sedition? This is why we need security. And mere word-mongers and pussy cats cannot fight this effectively.

Muhammad is the role-model of Muslims. He may thus be regarded as the role model of Barack Obama, who proudly calls himself a Muslim. How curious, since Muhammad was a warlord, whereas Obama coos like a dove. Let’s probe a little deeper.

Muhammad as prophet

As everyone knows, Muhammad is introduced in the Qur’an as the prophet of Allah.  Since Allah is the God of all Muslims, Obama is not an “infidel,” like Benjamin Netanyahu. As a Muslim, Obama despises infidels as “dogs” and “pigs,” as does the Qur’an. Whatever one may say of Obama, his belief that Allah is God means he is not an atheist.

Obama could as easily be applauding Muhammad, his repeatedly declared role model.

De facto President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and several senior advisers applaud when the House of Representatives takes up Obamacare and “deems it passed.” Photo: The White House

In The Science of God, physicist Gerald Schroeder writes:  The god an atheist does not believe in is usually not the God of the Bible.” This may also be said of the god of a believer like Barack Obama. His god, most emphatically, is not the God of the Bible. Indeed, it is the profoundest error to identify Allah with the God of the Bible, i.e., the Tetragrammaton, YHVH.  The Zohar puts it, “the Name YHVH belongs only to Israel.

Perhaps this fact underlies Obama’s animosity toward Israel, whose name is derived from the God of the Bible. One may therefore say Obama is an enemy of the God of Israel. Indeed, this is precisely the deeper but seldom said meaning of “anti-Semitism,” of which scholars have written ad nauseam. While they classify Jews as “Semites,” the Bible calls Jews the “Chosen People” who cannot be included under any general category without obscuring their uniqueness. Let me explain in a somewhat novel way.

What “anti-Semitism” really means

It’s common knowledge that the people of the Bible are forebears of the Jews of the Talmud. It’s also well known that the Talmud is unique, sui generis. The Talmud is the pretty much the subject matter of Maimonides’ monumental Mishneh Torah, a 14-volume codification of Jewish law. The scope of knowledge embodied in the Talmud extends from hygiene to cosmology. It’s of encyclopedic dimensions.

Therefore, to call Jews “Semites” trivializes them. Moreover, it also obscures what anti-Semitism really signifies, but is almost never even whispered, namely, a denial of ethical and intellectual monotheismThis is the big picture obscured by countess scholars that dabble in the Lilliputian concept of “anti-Semitism.”

Death to Israel

It may somewhat clarify the subject by saying a word about Islam’s malediction “Death to Israel.”  This curse means the “death to the Jews.” But “death to the Jews” means death to the most persistent and more profound exponents of monotheism. But this touches only the surface of Islam’s malediction.

That malediction heralds the global ascendency of Islam and a new and endless Dark Age. Islam would extinguish the light that would illuminate and liberate mankind by an unprecedented revolution approach us as if on cat’s paws: the discovery of a convergence of the laws of nature, becoming more and more a matter of common knowledge to mankind, and what is hardly known at all to mankind, the laws of morality long known in the Torah of the Jews! It is no accident that Jews, as even gentiles admit, are the preceptors of the laws of morality, as well as the paragons of scientific knowledge.

This binary knowledge of the laws of nature and the laws of morality is an obvious derivative of Hebraic monotheism. We thus stand at the brink of a new and glorious age. As I show in my latest book Rescuing America from Nihilism: A Judeo-Scientific Approach, Jewish and even some gentile astrophysicists are studying knowledge – not mysticism – codified in the alphanumeric language of the Torah,  which will eventually reveal the aforementioned convergence of the laws of nature and the laws of morality, which will actually enlarge human creativity and concept of man’s creation in the Image of God as mankind first learned upon reading the Creation Narrative in the Book of Genesis.

This “binary” knowledge will be accelerated by the further elucidations of the Big Bang theory, as manifested in the related observations of the space satellites launched by NASA and the European Space Agency, which are yielding more and more knowledge of the origin, history, and structure of the universe. But here a caveat is in order.

Given its correlation with the Bible of Israel, the emerging cosmological knowledge poses the greatest threat not only to the moral relativists and moral relativism that dominate higher education in the democratic world, but also to the moral absolutists and moral absolutism of Islam, hell-bent on Israel’s destruction via the unknown Muslim Barack Obama, an otherwise paltry individual.

Rescuing the Muslim from Islam

Obama would need more than a teleprompter to respond to this remark of the renowned historian and philologist Ernest Renan (1823-1892):  “To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him.”

By definition, however, the “Empty Suit” in the White House, elected by the disemboweled moral relativists of academia and the media, is beyond redemption. Perhaps this is why the perceptive Lee Harris warns us of The Next American Civil War, a book whose subtitle isThe Populist Revolt Against the Liberal Elite. 

What a pity that the populist revolt has no better spokesman than Donald Trump!

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Two questions:
1) When or where did President Obama “proudly [call] himself a Muslim?” Quote please.
2) When did 53% of America become “moral relativists of academia and the media”? That’s a lot of people to be solely in those fields.

Not a question, just an issue:
The House did not “deem [Obamacare] passed,” they passed it by a 219-212 vote, as seen here: link to


“I am one of you”: If this is supposed to be the alleged Cairo speech in Aramaic, the words never appear, and I challenge you to produce them. If it’s the “because I am one of them,” he was referring to people with Muslim family members, which he does have.
“The sweet sound of the Muezzin”: appreciating the prayers of another faith/language does not make you an adherent of that faith. I can appreciate the way the Talmud sounds when read in Hebrew, even think it the most beautiful sound I’ve heard, and remain a Roman Catholic.
“My Muslim faith”: link to The context is thus: Obama in defending himself from insinuations that he was a Muslim, acknowledged that John McCain had not made any such attack, saying: “John McCain has not said anything about my Muslim faith.” The entire conversation is available, along with a video, at the link I provided. None of your 3 quotes does anything to show Barack Obama “proudly proclaiming himself a Muslim.”

My second question went unanswered. You made a very convincing case that there are moral relativists in the media and academia, and on that we agree. What you didn’t show was how the 53% of Americans who elected Barack Obama in 2008 were all “moral relativists of academia and the media,” which is what you said.

On the Affordable Care Act, you’re moving the goalposts. My point was that the House did not merely “deem it passed” without a vote, as you imply, but did hold a floor vote and passed the bill.


What is this drivel about Islam usuring an eternal dark age? I’m pretty sure it was the Catholic church was hugely responsible for the dark ages, while the Islamic empires were the fore runners of math and science for hundreds of years. In fact, all the ancient greek and latin works were preserved for a millenium because it was Muslim scribes thay translated them from Latin into the vernacular for all to enjoy whilst the Christians kept them secret, only for the privileged Clergy. This article is unbelievably biased. Jews are the preceptors of morality? As someone who has studied many forms of theology, I would contend there existed morality long before the Talmud. Further, if you actually read the Talmud and the Bible there are some pretty remarkably backwards views that used to be considered moral, e.g. touching anything a woman touches while menstruating makes you unclean, working on Sabbath punishable by stoning to death, amongst others. Isn’t it interesting that Christians whom believe in the same God as the jews do not need to follow the same laws of the bible set forth which Jews must abide by such as keeping Kosher, sanctifying the day of Sabbath, daily ritualistic prayers.
In my opinion, the judeochristian religions all succumb to gross hypocrisy. Want to talk about Islam being violent, did Christians all forget the Crusades where crusaders murdered millions of jews and muslims a like, or the Spanish Inquisition? Fox News will claim an insurgent as a “muslim terrorist” for sensationalism but did anyone call the oklahoma tower bomber a christian terrorist? Hitler was a devout lutheran, no history book refers to him as a christian dictator. I see a whole lot of fearmongering in this country, not unlike “Jap/Nazi/Commy” finger pointing.


You say Islam demands its followers to murder?

Lets play a game. Guess which religion’s holy book the following verses come from.

“I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

“Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.”

“Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.”

“Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.”

If you guessed Christian Bible or Hebrew Talmud, that’s a Bingo!


Alright, so moral relativists and people who were duped.
Second, your objections to the manner in which the House vote was carried out and the Senate adopting an unrelated bill as the act to circumvent the Constitution are legitimate, but they do not change that the House did not merely “deem it passed,” as you say.
Third, I requested you provide a source for Obama’s alleged Aramaic “I am one of you in Cairo,” and you failed to provide one, so I’m forced to conclude you don’t have it. I have shown why your other two quotes were not indicative of his alleged Muslim faith, and rather than suggest counterpoints to show why they were, you chose to offer a dismissive “excuses, excuses” and launch a blanket attack to show why you believe Islam is a threat to the West.
In short, your response to my Islamic quote rebuttal is: “Well nothing you said mattered anyway.” If my points are merely excuses, then please show me how.


Then I will ask, for the third time, for you to produce the text of the speech so we can all see this mystical admission. I will also reiterate my request for you to show how my counterpoints were merely “excuses.”


So that’s a no, then. You were very reasonably asked to provide evidence for your claim, and you responded with some very un-Christian language, and then insisted that the answer was stipulated. One last time, Mr. Hurlbut, if it’s so easy to show, then show this ignorant liberal the quote, because I can’t find it.


So, just to be clear, that’s a refusal to provide a quote or the text for me? I have combed the web and I cannot find it, so, since you obviously have access to it somewhere, I would like to see it. Educate me, please.


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