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Missteps or treason?



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

Clearly and without any doubt the person calling himself Barack Obama is hiding something. This thing is not small or insignificant.  One does not spend millions of dollars and expend thousands of hours in extensive and elaborate efforts to obscure the past unless that need was of greater value than the expense.  One does not forge documents – crimes by the way which could ultimately land people in Federal Prison – if what is being hidden was of minor consequence.

What is Obama hiding?

For several years now, I have been on the band wagon of those who believed that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC).  This belief was inspired by and reinforced by the activities mentioned in the paragraph above and of course a true reading of the Constitution.  But lately, with this country and the world in turmoil, the economy in shambles, America being hated and despised by both allies and foes alike, the growth of radical Islam, racial tensions about to reach the boiling point, Christianity and morality in major decline, I believe it is time to reconsider just what it is that this villain is hiding.

A conspiracy of treason? If Frank Marshall Davis is involved, that's the real sin, not skating on the Vattel Criterion.As a refresher let’s review what the narrative has been.  Obama was born to a Muslim foreigner who was supposed to be married to a leftist women who spent and unusual amount of time posing provocatively for the America hating Communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis. If that little fairytale were true, Obama would not be a Natural Born Citizen and therefore would be ineligible to be President.  No one can deny he has not hidden who his father is, nor can they deny that no Judge, no Democrat or Republican, nor anyone in the MSM, gives a crap.

So these fraudulent documents such as birth certificates, a selective service card and illegal use of Social Security numbers could not possibly be simply to hide, what the entire world already knew about his eligibility.   It has to be something else.  Something big.

Many who have paid attention to the phantom linkages of this man, from birth, through Islamic schools in Indonesia, to college classmates who never were, will recall one very disturbing event that was related by a mail carrier. He tells of a time when he was delivering mail to the home of another well-known family of Communist America haters and terrorists, the Ayers’.  What made this day particularly memorable for this carrier was when he saw a young Obama sitting outside the Ayers home.  Without being prompted, apparently the youngster realized he might be considered out of place in a white upper-class neighborhood, he told the mailman two things.  One, that he was waiting to thank Mr. Ayers for the financial help he was getting for his schooling.  The other thing he said was astounding.  “I, he said, am going to be President one day.”  The mailman said it was eerie because it wasn’t said like it was an aspiration but more like it was a done deal.

Hypothetically speaking, at what age would a young radical be noticed by an organization seeking to destroy America from within?  What type of person would they look for?  One who was smart and articulate but not too smart.  One who, even though he lived many years in America, was taught to despise it.  One who was black, but no too black.  And lastly, but certainly not the least, strong ties to Islam and Communism, the two things which are the most dangerous to America’s freedom and democracy.

If there were, again speaking hypothetically, an organization seeking to destroy this country from within, how many years, how many decades would they have been searching for just the right individual?   How elated might they have been, when one of their own, Frank Marshall Davis, reported that he had found the one they were waiting for?  And he was perfect.  He was perfect for two reasons.  One, he was black and therefore could do things in a guilt ridden society that no liberal white male or even a liberal white female could do and get away with. And secondly, he was perfect because he was blood.  He was family.  He was his son.

If in fact Obama was not told in the early of years by Davis that something big was being laid out for him, how soon would this organization contact this potential candidate, lay out their plans for him, instruct him on how to act and how they would make it possible for him to be the one who will be relied upon to take down that evil colonialist country which has stolen from the minorities around the world?   Possibly, right around the age he was when he encountered that postal worker.

Treason in the works

So it’s important to make clear that if indeed Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s biological father, the Natural Born Citizen issue would no longer be on the table. Not so for another issue.  Treason.

Treason, you might suggest, is a strong word which holds grave implications and requires a conscious conspiracy coupled with physical actions which would have unmistakably put this country, our liberties and our Constitution in jeopardy.   If anyone has even the slightest doubt that this is what Obama and his organization have done and continue to do, the following is presented here for your belated edification.

Here are some of Obama’s accomplishments.  Each of these endeavors have in some way undermined or put this country in danger.  Could they all be errors in judgement? Could they all be the result of incompetence?  Or is it something much more sinister. Is all of it being done according to plan?

  • Early on he called the United States Constitution “a flawed document”.
  • Every incident which involved racial components were inflamed.  Calling the police in Boston stupid.  Reporting that Trayvon Martin looked like his son, if he had one. And many other issues of racial “fire-starting”.
  • Has created $7 Trillion in new debt through Quantitative Easing and prevented the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates.  Interest rates artificially kept at near zero have provided the mirage of a strong economy as Wall Street was awash in created capital.  All of which will have to be paid back except if a total collapse occurs.
  • Closed hundreds of power plants and mining companies and prevented the XL Pipe line project from being completed. This was done under the cover of concern for the environment when the actual intent was to keep American dollars flowing to Islamists in the Middle East.
  • He traveled around the world telling people everywhere of America’s bad deeds and arrogance.  How inspired would a foreign country be to follow or align with a country such as Obama described to them?
  • He bowed to Islamic leaders while treating the leader of Israel with contempt and disdain.
  • He warned America there is no future for anyone who disparages Islam.
  • He created divisions between the people as he used any and every tragedy to place the blame on legal gun owners in an effort to disarm the American citizen.  (A must, by the way, for any Communist government to survive.)
  • He broadcasted throughout Central and South America that any children getting here, with or without parents, would not be deported.
  • He created a mess in Libya, destabilized that government and caused the death of Khadafy who had not been involved with terrorism since Reagan sent him a very strong message. All in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now chaos prevails throughout that country.
  • He worked to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt.  But the people there stopped him.
  • He pulled out of Iraq before that government was capable of fighting off the terrorists and after announcing when our soldiers would leave. This gave the enemy time to train, plan and prepare for that day.  That is exactly what they did. Now Iraq is many times more dangerous that it was under Saddam.
  • When a group of democracy oriented people began to rise up against the Iranian government, Obama ignored their pleas for help and turned a blind eye as they were systematically rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and murdered.  Thanks to Obama, that movement has been obliterated.
  • Next up Syria.  There he once again worked to destabilize a government creating massive numbers of refugees and the growth of ISIS and other terror groups which Assad had under control.  Note: Middle East leaders are all brutal.  They have to be to keep Islamic murderers under control.  Without fail Obama has worked to remove secular leaders in favor of Islamic terrorists.
  • He stopped the building of the border wall on our southern border and ordered the border agents to stop aggressive prevention of illegal crossings.
  • Black unemployment is at its highest rate in the history of this country.  This further divides the people by class and instills animosity and confrontation.
  • He has distributed weapons of every type to Islamic terrorists, handed automatic weapons to Mexican Drug lords and not only has allowed Iran to build a nuclear weapon but has given them $150 Billion to do it.
  • While arming those groups he has done everything in his power and beyond his authority to disarm the American citizens.  People by the way, who because of Obama, are more in need of the ability to defend themselves than ever before in our history.
  • He has removed hundreds of high ranking experienced military leaders and replaced them with incompetent yes men.  In preparation for what?

So if one were to honestly review this list and endeavor to come up with an explanation as to how or why these things have occurred, one would be hard pressed to believe it is incompetence?  How could anyone, even a complete idiot, make the wrong move, every single time?  Unless those moves were not errors in judgement, not stupidity or naiveté, but the complete and successful adherence to a predestined carefully laid out plan to destroy America as it was founded, from within.

Can there be any other explanation?  If you have one, we here at TPATH would love to hear it. Otherwise, you had better be prepared for some rough terrain ahead.

Reprinted from TPATH



  1. JNB

    October 14, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Thank-you for the ‘belated edification’. Here is yours.

    1. The U.S. Constitution as originally written was definitely flawed. Or would you consider a governing document that allowed slavery, or was silent on such fundamental rights like freedom of speech and religion to be flawless?
    2. Every incident involving racial tensions were Obama’s fault? Wow!
    3. The Fed’s QE purchases totaled 3.5 trillion and Obama had nothing to do with it. Where did you get your number?
    4. Name one power plant Obama has closed. Since Republicans are so insistent on the exploitation of American oil reserves, which have greatly increased while Obama has been in office, why are conservatives like yourself so bent out of shape about importing foreign oil through the XL pipeline?
    5. Funny how Bush hugged and kissed Islamic leaders yet not a peep out of conservatives.
    6. Obama blamed EVERY tragedy on American gun owners? You must not get out much.
    7. The Lockerbie bombing happened well after Reagan’s message. Get your facts straight.
    8. Most American troops were pulled out of Iraq based on the Status of Forces Agreement Bush made with the Iraqi government prior to Obama being elected. The Iraqi government refused to make any changes. Get your facts straight please.
    9. Iran is a republic.
    10. ISIS has never been under control since it was formed in 2004. All middle-eastern leaders are brutal? Even Netanyahu? But I thought he was one of the good guys!
    11. Show me the order to stop aggressive border crossings.
    12. Wrong on black unemployment of course.
    13. Obama didn’t give weapons to drug lords. They were questionable straw purchases made by freedom loving Americans, just ask the NRA. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon and I challenge you to provide good evidence they are violating the terms of the agreement. They aren’t being given any money. The alleged $150 billion, or $25 billion, who knows, is their money. And it is invested all around the world; Obama doesn’t have control over most of it.
    14. Can you name the Americans Obama has disarmed? The executive order he issued? The legislation he signed? Bet you can’t.
    15. Name the hundreds of military leaders he has removed as well as the alleged ‘yes’ men.

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