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Muslims as savages



Seal of the Islamic State, the face of Islam today. Islam is not religion but politics pretending to be religion. This is the secret of Islamic imperialism. Is Obama their secret ally, fostering Muslim sedition? This is why we need security. And mere word-mongers and pussy cats cannot fight this effectively.

Bernard Lewis, the doyen of Islamic studies, emphasized tha overweening arrogance is characteristic of Muslim culture. But as an Englishman, as well as a Jew, Lewis is much too polite to teach us much on how to deal with Muslims.

Don’t Muslims regard their targets as dogs?

Muslims train their children to hate and kill. This is how savages behave.

Muslims train their children this early to fight jihad: a flat-out, right-now, blood-and-flames war against all non-Muslims.

Lewis notes that Muslims are so proud of their own perfection as to make them “impervious to external stimuli.” From this we learn – not from Lewis – that Israel and France should treat these disciples of Mohammed as “dogs” – the epithet they use to describe Frenchmen and Jews.

The inordinate pride or self-intoxication of Muslims will only be magnified by the sugary self-restraint of democratic politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu.  Muslims who regard Jews as “dogs” need to be treated as one might treat mad dogs: kill them at once.  Failure to do so will only encourage these beasts to murder more Jews. And mark this well: they will target the most eminent citizens, rabbis, to degrade Judaism and flaunt the “supremacy” of their own pagan-rooted religion.

Only recall how the Viet Cong Communists targeted the teachers of South Vietnam villages – the most respected personalities – to demoralize South Vietnam.

No sane person would seek to befriend a dog stricken with rabies. This poison is analogous to the pathological hatred Muslims incubate for Jews, a hatred vividly portrayed by Leon Uris in Exodus. Every Israeli high school student should read Uris.

Why don’t Israeli officials get it?

An Israeli Prime Minister that disregards the theo-political significance of Muslim hatred is not qualified for that office.

An Israeli Prime Minister that does not feel morally outraged by the murder of rabbis by Muslims sinks below the level of Barack Obama. Arabs despise that twice-elected President of the United States, who makes any man of taste want to vomit. Even the uncultured Donald Trump is embarrassed by the creature ensconced in the White House.

But no one despised Muslim Arabs more than the great philosopher al-Farabi (d. 950), who was a Muslim in dress only. He wrote his book on Plato and Aristotle in an esoteric manner to conceal his utter contempt for Islam. Indeed, the great “Arab” historian and sociologist ibn Khaldun (d. 1406) regarded Muslim Arabs as “savages.”

A refined gentleman like Benjamin Netanyahu should not degrade himself and the Jewish people by consorting or negotiating with savages – certainly not on the basis of “reciprocity,” which would be symptomatic of an educated person afflicted by stupidity and insanity.

Israeli officials who consort with the murderers of Jewish children don’t seem to realize that Muslims regard Israelis as dogs!  We are living in a canine universe.

In this universe, the fact that Iran murdered thousands of their own children to explode land mines in Iran’s war with Iraq made them all the more qualified to conclude the Nuke Deal with Barack Obama who needs a teleprompter to utter the words “Islamic terrorism”!

Is it any wonder that this Age of Atrocity will also be known as the Age of Stupidity?

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