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Dangers of closing GITMO



Camp 1, first camp built at Camp Delta, GITMO

When Barack Obama discusses closing GITMO, he is indeed making a very dangerous proposition.

Terrorists: better at GITMO than here

GITMO shower

A single, outside shower stall adjacent to the recreation and exercise area at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on December 3, 2002. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Stephen Lewald, U.S. Army. (Released) Department of Defense.

The integration of terrorists into the domestic criminal system is an open invitation to incite violence within the prisons and to rally fellow inmates to the radical cause. Radical terrorists should remain isolated where they are unable to spread their message of hate.

As President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has done everything he can to pander to Radical Terrorists instead of seeking to protect the American people. Due to the inept decisions of his administration, by ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have seen the rise of the militant group ISIS. Due to the inept decisions of his administration, by refusing to send aid to Chris Stevens in Benghazi, we have witnessed the violent deaths of four men, including an Ambassador. Due to the inept decisions of his administration, by refusing to listen to the advice of other countries, we have experienced domestic terror on our streets in Boston. Due to his inactions, Barack Obama has created a situation where our enemies disregard us as a force of power and our allies no longer have confidence in us as a superpower.

The time has arrived for the American people to stand forth and declare for a President who has our best interests at heart. One who will not indulge the Terrorists but will instead send a message that Radicalism will not be tolerated within our borders or anywhere else across the world. We, as a Nation, are heartily sick and tired of a Do-Nothing President who creates unrest and instability wherever he goes.

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Ted Foster

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Ron Chronicle

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So the danger expressed is just that gitmo prisoners may interact with regular prisoners and radicalize them.

Seems like there are some assumptions in this:
1) gitmo prisoners can not be held by military on a US base/prison
2) gitmo prisoners would be mixed in with the general population of other prisoners

I am unaware if either of those is true.
Is there anything else about gitmo which can not be replicated in other locations?

Terry A. Hurlbut

Yes. Security of the American citizen population. Even maximum security is not perfect. And these guys would be among the greatest, and most dangerous, escape artists.


also, this article only has 3 sentences on its topic and just a bunch of generic railing against Obama not connected with the “DANGERS OF CLOSING GITMO”.
There also is only one danger listed, not multiples as the title suggests: to incite violence within the prisons and to rally fellow inmates to the radical cause

Terry A. Hurlbut

As I said in reply to your other comment, an escape danger would exist. And not only escape but a full-blown riot and mutiny. No civilian prison, no matter how they define “maximum security,” can ever be as secure as a military prison.


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